EXCLUSIVE: Rental kitchen service takes the strain off of restaurant chains

Foodstars Shoreditch kitchen unit

A commercial kitchen rental company has opened the doors of a new venue in a bid to fill the gap left by a lack of catering facilities for hire in central London.

Foodstars, which has just opened the doors of its fourth site in Shoreditch, rents 400sqft units to restaurants and caterers for recipe testing, food delivery and menu development.

The company, which offers mid to long term deals, was conceived to offer industry-standard spaces within zones one and two of the capital.

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Will Beresford, who founded Foodstars in 2015 alongside Daniel Abrahams and Roy Shaby, told Foodservice Equipment Journal: “We realised there was a gap in market, we had a look around the market and the standard of kitchens wasn’t very good, there were barely any in zones one and two in London so we thought ‘let’s build great quality kitchens in prime London locations’.”

The new 20,000 sqft facility offers private spaces, which can be accessed 24/7, and shared units, with one client using the space from 6am until 4pm and another using the same space from 4pm until 2am.

The company equips each kitchen with a starter package of a combi oven, gas range, industrial sinks, fridge freezers and work benches.

Foodstars Will Beresford
Will Beresford and his co-partners in the business have made it their aim to create high quality kitchen spaces for hire in central London.

Clients are able to introduce or remove equipment from their rented space according to their needs.

Over the last two years Foodstars has grown from three kitchens to almost 50 and now works with Bill’s Restaurant, Mustard Catering, Gym Food, Dinnergise and Bel-Air.

The commercial kitchen rental landscape has continued to expand since the launch of Foodstars, according to Beresford.

He added: “Restaurants have felt the strain over the last year and will do with high property prices and Brexit, hiking business rates, staffing is a major issue.

“With something like a commercial kitchen you don’t have as many staff as you would have on a restaurant floor, you don’t have to pay the high rents, we don’t even charge business rates here, we pay the business rates for everyone, and you can set up a very flexible kitchen.”

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