EXCLUSIVE: Synergy reaches out to redundant catering equipment sales people with ‘finder’s fee’ incentive scheme

Justin Cadbury, chairman & CEO

Synergy Grill Technology has launched a special ‘partnership initiative’ to support industry sales professionals who have suffered redundancy.

The scheme allows those that have lost their jobs to start earning in a self-employed capacity by introducing operators to Synergy’s flagship cooking appliances.

For every Synergy contract they secure, the company will pay out a ‘finder’s fee’, which it says could work out as much as £792 per grill.

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There are no overheads involved as partners are not expected to buy the equipment upfront to sell on – they simply introduce the customer and get paid on results.

There is no notice period or specific sales targets, and interested parties can use the scheme as little or as often as they like until they gain new employment.

The initiative is designed to work alongside the company’s new ‘Synergy Contract’ scheme, which allows operators to pay for their grill on a monthly basis and includes free installation and removal of their old grill.

Justin Cadbury, chairman and CEO of Synergy Grill, explained how the new programme was conceived: “Over the past few weeks, we have been saddened to see so many friends in the industry and highly experienced, passionate and knowledgeable catering equipment experts being made redundant through no fault of their own.

“Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on our industry, and we must all look at ways to recover and help those affected – hence why we have developed the Synergy Grill Partnership Initiative.

“Over this period, many people have re-evaluated both their short and medium term ambitions, so to now have the opportunity to be part of a team that focuses on new British technology which delivers huge customer benefits and environmental advantages may well be the perfect timing.”

Synergy has created partner packs that contain everything that a potential partner will need in order to promote the deal including leaflets, flyers, spec sheets, contact information, price lists and savings calculator.

Although the company has a loyal base of customers that regard its grills as central to their cooking operations, Mr Cadbury said the scheme could potentially help it gain exposure to those that aren’t familiar with the product.

“We do continually get told by frustrated operators that they have never heard of us, or did not realise the like no other benefits, that a Synergy grill can bring. Therefore, this initiative will not only hopefully help out those in need, but will also give Synergy Grill Technology a wider ambassadors on the ground.”

Synergy lets operators pay for grills like they would a mobile phone contract

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Andrew Seymour

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  1. Change, change, change.
    After 42 years buying and selling equipment at the highest (and occasionally, the lowest) of levels, I’ve witnessed many changes. We used to measure without a laser and que outside a public phone box to ‘check in’. We would hand write own cost-sheets on the kitchen table (woe betide anyone who forgot to include the taps and extra feet) It felt like everything we did was memory and experience.
    Now, my memory drifts, the early years working for companies with solid names that are now just shabby business cards tucked in a top drawer and the marketing pizzazz behind ‘game changer’ equipment that was marched into exhibition halls in a blaze of glory then slow waltzed out of hard backed catalogues sold as ‘B grade’ display from the sellotaped addendum. All of this proves to me that our fantastic industry doesn’t just manage change, we thrive on change.
    Yes, the memory drifts but the experience is still there!
    Now, companies whose turnover collapsed overnight have moved into markets with little or no knowledge of what they’re supplying, ramping up prices and in part, helping to create the many shortages we are all experiencing. Many causing damage to customers who may have difficulty trusting their supply chains ever again.
    Many suppliers promising stock availability to get pro-forma payments or deposits and not keeping to promised delivery’s and suppliers (understandably) turning to payment up front before anything leaves the door.
    Many of these companies are now dipping their toes back into their own markets. The dumping of their survival stock can be heard loud and clear.
    The days when a sales rep could just “pop in” without an appointment were gone long before Covid forced us all to work from our spare bedroom / cupboard. In fact, I would go as far to say that the sales rep has had his/her day pretty much all together!
    A few things I’ve learned is that I only need to travel to 20% of my meetings, the rest I do on Zoom, WhatsApp, Teams etc. I don’t need to be in the office to work hard. My drawings are just as presentable emailed from home.
    My crystal ball has been polished, here’s what I see.
    A sad fact maybe – Sales teams will be smaller and shared between companies. The return of the independent agent? This means fewer overheads, less office back up and an improvement to incredibly tight margins. To this I say well done Justin for extending a hand.
    30-35% of commercial kitchens will not open again (or for a few years). That’s fewer customers for all of us from the mop and bucket supplier to the ventilation provider.
    Independents will need help to purchase new equipment, the temptation to buy secondhand will be huge!
    More outside and ‘to your door’ catering will produce greater sales of outdoor kitchens and furniture. Let’s hope Global Warming does its bit to extend the summer!
    Catering standards will improve and prices (surprise) will rise. Customers in restaurnts,already tight on cash will go out less often and expect more for their money. Eating out will once again become a once-in-a-while experience rather than a twice-weekly necessity.
    More holidays in the UK will boost our hospitality market.
    More business will come from education, and health care (basically, whenever the government are paying)!
    We will see diversity as more great people grab the opportunity to prove they can serve better food than many of the tumbling high street chains have pretended to do for years.
    The opportunities for all of us will be there. Look harder, react quicker. Be better!
    Well done Justin, please don’t forget the smaller distributor who still has overheads nd is till battling their way through.
    Good luck to all
    Derek Smith

  2. Trust Mr.. Cadbury to devise a scheme to offer some self help to those who might find themselves in straitened times.
    I feel as compassionate as others hearing about the current difficulties some are experiencing so hats off to Synergy Grill for providing a chance for people to get closer to the light at the end of their own tunnel.

  3. HI Derek
    Some really well put points! Please rest assured, we haven’t and wont forget our dealers. Synergy Grill has always been a product that needs to be explained as opposed to being “listed”. Its unique (#LikeNoOther) technology, means we have to work with individuals that like to sell on F&B and finding out the right product for the customer.
    I think you are right that such a way of selling is becoming rarer, but I really hope such skills don’t become a thing of the past. We feel such dealers and sales people are essential to Synergy.. It was our realisation of not wanting to lose such talent from our industry that made us want to look at what we could do to help even if its for the short term.
    Already we have had a number of conversations with dealers who are looking to benefit themselves from the Synergy Contract scheme. Some will use it as noted above, others are saying they will use this as a way to promote their own leasing schemes, which we think is great, and some want to do a combination of both.. We hope that this will help generate new installation work, which will also involve our dealers and service partners.. We would like to actively encourage anyone that likes to “sell” to give us a call so we can form stronger relationships whether its facing up to a redundancy or a distributor wanting to create new opportunities and work in a partnership. Both are very welcome!

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