EXCLUSIVE: UK’s newest catering equipment supplier iMettos declares itself open for business

Zheng Mu, director

There is a new kid on the catering equipment block and it was out in force at the Professional Kitchen Show today as it looks to build a footprint in the UK market.

iMettos, which is offering a wide range of affordable cooking appliances, beverage equipment and food prep devices, is aiming to target pubs, restaurants, hotels and contract caterers.

Zheng Mu, director of iMettos, told FEJ that the business has been 18 months in the making, with the company receiving its first delivery of products at the end of last year in preparation for this week’s launch.

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“iMettos is a new brand in the UK and we are trying our best to let everyone know about us. We have brought the full product line over to the show to display what we can offer to our customers. It is really important for us to be here and we are all about good products and better service.”

Customers can choose from 163 different products as it stands, but there are more that it could add in future, including refrigeration. All equipment is covered by a two-year warranty.

Mr Mu said that although iMettos is a new brand, customers could be assured that they are buying tried and tested equipment as the factory it sources from in China has been making the products for other European markets for years.

“The manufacturer has been supplying exactly the same models and machines to the German and French market for the last 13 years, so I am very confident about our products because they are matching the German standard.”

He said the company would make it easy for customers to get hold of the kit they want.

“We are keeping around nine containers in stock because we don’t want product running low. We started selling from the middle of September and since then we have been contacting distributors. And you also can find our products on eBay and Amazon. And we have our own website so we welcome customers to order or even check the technical specifications there.”

iMettos’ stand is covered with the slogan ‘bringing changes to the catering equipment market’. Asked to elaborate, Mr Mu said: “That is our ambition. I won’t say we are intent on becoming very big very quickly – we just want to offer good products and better service to customers.”

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  1. Second paragraph from the bottom. These guys need to decide how they want to take their products to market. Traditional dealers will not want to be competing against the likes of eBay and Amazon.

  2. welcome Mr Mu – how do you do etc… welcome to our market, we really need another operator such as yourself as we are severely short of ‘dealers’ with your attitude – NOT! – join the long queue of pile it high sell it cheap people such as yourself.

  3. More inferior, cheap equipment to flood the UK market. Their slicers do not have any safety interlocks on them and therefore do not meet European safety standards. They therefore cant be legally CE marked and are illegal to sell in the EU. Caveat Emptor.
    Dealers and customers should be fully aware of this. They will be selling equipment that is not CE approved.

  4. Wow… A lot of people willing to jump on the pessimistic bandwagon…

    Would like to run a little analysis on their products and sales to see what goes on behind the “holier than thou” front!

    FYI: Snippet from their website “All of our products are guaranteed CE certified so you are fully ensured they provide the quality as you demand. We’re 100% dedicated to delivering the best customer service to you” – Do not go by outdated information by “n” conveniently anonymous… Shy are we?

    “Do onto others..”. and all that

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