Falcon showcases exciting new product line-up

Vario-Therm trolley, model F2H

Falcon has been hugely active in its new product development in recent months, unveiling an exciting line up of new product launches.

A highlight is Vario-Therm, an entirely new range of meal delivery systems for healthcare and education, including innovative foodservice trolleys and touch-free operation microwave ovens.

Other new launches include the patent pending Fryer Angel, an important safety device designed to prevent fryer fires; the Connected Kitchen platform, which brings the advantages of connectivity to a wide range of kitchens; and the new Naboo Boosted combi steamer from Lainox.

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The Vario-Therm Series comprises an innovative product range headlined by meal delivery trolleys with highly advanced features.

Other products in the range include regen ovens, microwave ovens and food servery trolleys.  Collectively they will cook, chill, regen and transport meals safely and efficiently, while maintaining exceptional food quality.  The range is designed for operations where high volumes of meals are served.

The Fryer Angel is Falcon’s solution to the risk of fryer fire.  Fryers are one of the most common causes of kitchen fires in commercial kitchens: in 2019 the London Fire Brigade attended no less than 70 fires started by deep fat fryers.  A key catalyst for the fires is that the oil level gets too low.

The Fryer Angel works by constantly monitoring the fryer’s oil level and, if it’s too low, cuts power to the appliance.  The only way to power the unit back up is to top up the oil.

Connectivity is set to become the norm in commercial kitchens. Unlike conventional connected systems, operators can connect any appliance to the Falcon Connected Kitchen – and they all share the same platform and dashboard.  The Falcon Connected Kitchen monitors temperature and operation, sends alarms and reminders, collects data including energy use and HACCP, and it can be monitored remotely.

Importantly, it’s not limited to Falcon manufactured equipment – it’s a universal system that can be fitted to appliances from any manufacturer.

And then there’s the new Lainox combi steamer, Naboo Boosted. This is even more powerful, more efficient and more flexible than its predecessors, with a wider range of accessories and oven sizes and a choice of boiler or direct steam for every model.

It’s also up to 15% more compact, so it takes up even less space, yet can produce more food. The Naboo Boosted combi steamer is very simple to use and it’s super-fast – for example, the largest model will produce 96 split-roast chickens in 90 minutes, or 480 steaks in seven minutes, or 240 fried eggs in two minutes. And with Energy Monitor, users can see exactly how much electricity, gas, water and even detergent they consume.

“These new launches are the result of talking to, and working with, our customers to develop the products the market needs,” says Peter McAllister, managing director of Falcon.

“We are particularly excited about the Vario-Therm Series, as meal delivery is a new area for us, and one that has been crying out for innovative solutions that will deliver top quality food using user-friendly technologies.”

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Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens.  The company combines a reputation for performance, reliability and innovation with a history going back over 200 years. Today Falcon supplies foodservice operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe.  Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support.  

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