Far from purr-fect: Restaurant guilty of letting cat roam around kitchen


The owners of an Indian takeaway have pleaded guilty to a string of hygiene offences, including allowing a cat to roam around its kitchen and storage areas, a court has heard.

Mint (Telford) Ltd, known as Mint Indian Takeaway, in Telford was inspected on 28 February this year.

Inspectors discovered the feline walking around the restaurant kitchen and its litter tray was reportedly placed close to where food was prepared.

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Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that the kitchen came up short in a number of areas.

The floor and ceiling were both damaged, while officials noted that the equipment and refrigerator were dirty.

There was no hot water at the hand wash basin in the staff toilet and no hygienic way of being to dry hands at the hand wash basin, which was used to store dirty utensils.

The firm pleaded guilty to allowing access by a domestic animal and failing to ensure that food premises were clean and well maintained.

It also admitted to failing to ensure that articles and equipment were clean and disinfected, as well as failing to provide facilities for washing and drying hands.

The company is due to be sentenced later this month.

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