Fast food chains rule the roost, even when we’re on holiday abroad

McDonald’s Frankfurt

Two-fifths of Britons eat McDonald’s, KFC or subway while on holiday abroad, new research claims.

A study by online flight comparison company Jetcost identified proximity to branches of the major fast food chains as one of the major factors that Britons take into consideration when they holiday overseas.

As many as 43% of British travellers admitted they ate McDonald’s, KFC or Subway while on their most recent excursion abroad.

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Notoriously regarded as the ideal hangover food, a large number of Britons are opting to eat meals from the mainstream fast food chains rather than sample the delicacies of local restaurants.

The availability of WiFi and whether the hotel was near a sports bar that plays big games and matches also ranked highly on the priorities of travelling Brits.

The survey was part of an ongoing study into British experiences of holidaying abroad. 2,399 Britons aged 18 and over were quizzed about what they look for when booking a holiday overseas, with all those taking part in the study stating that they’ve been abroad on holiday at least once in the past 12 months.

With almost a third of respondents stating that it was important for there to be familiar food chains in the surrounding area, all respondents were asked what chains were most important.

McDonalds (21%), KFC (16%) and Subway (15%) emerged as the most popular.

As well as its ability to take the edge off a hangover, respondents said they also ventured to a fast food chain because of its low cost or because they didn’t like the food served at the hotel or local restaurants.

The research

Once a resort had grabbed their attention, all respondents were asked what the top things were that they looked out for before booking, either in the brochure or in holiday reviews.

When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all those that applied, the top five responses were revealed as:

  • The hotel is within walking distance of the beach – 68%
  • The hotel has a good Wi-Fi connection – 61%
  • The hotel is close to fast food chains – 57%
  • The hotel is near a sports bar that plays big games and matches – 40%
  • The hotel is close to nearby markets and shops – 33%

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