FCSI revamps industry website in response to members’ requests

The FCSI has kicked off 2016 with the launch of a new website designed to offer improved online content to members.

Designed to be a one-stop shop for industry updates and FCSI membership needs, located in one place that’s easy to search and navigate, the existing foodserviceconsultant.org website has been overhauled and merged with FCSI’s own fcsi.org site making one, content-rich, online hub.

The result is one standalone site that is full of the news, profiles and insight you’d expect from Foodservice Consultant online, along with all of the useful and essential information FCSI members, and indeed prospective members, could previously find on the fcsi.org site.

“Our biggest short-term goal is the launch of our new website, something the membership has been requesting for many years,” said Bill Taunton FCSI, president of FCSI Worldwide. “It features a whole new design and will offer regularly updated articles and features.”

Jim Petersen FCSI, secretary-treasurer and past interim president of FCSI Worldwide agrees. “What was seen by many as somewhat dated, awkward and unglamorous will become a vibrant, exciting, valuable and user-friendly portal for members and potential members, clients and potential clients, media, the industry at large, even casual web-surfers across the globe to access information and content they need.”

The new site includes a ‘Find a member’ search function enabling potential clients to easily identify and locate the right FCSI member for their needs, whether a professional consultant or a manufacturer member and wherever they are in the world.

As before, FCSI members can log-in to the site to access their profiles and change their details or upload new information.

Both the fcsi.org and foodserviceconsultant.org URLs will continue to work and point to the same site, but fcsi.org will appear as the browser domain name.




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