FEJ AWARDS 2019 SHORTLIST: Supplier of the Year for New Product Development

Supplier of the Year for New Product Development 2019

The Supplier of the Year for New Product Development recognises that the challenge for any kitchen equipment supplier is how to evolve successful products and come up with new ones.

This accolade gives credit to the manufacturer or brand that has enriched the market by introducing new equipment that delivers tangible benefits to foodservice operators, with a particular focus on innovative features.

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 shortlist includes the following companies:

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EauVation has placed new product development at the heart of its business in the past 12 months, culminating in the launch of HydreauBar. It enables operators to simultaneously sterilise and fill multiple bottles of freshly purified, chilled, still or sparkling water ensuring it is free of bacteria to the very bottom of the bottle. The free-standing system can fill six bottles per minute, the equivalent of 360 bottles per hour, while the undercounter system can deliver 100 bottles per hour. The all-in-one unit has the bottle washing element and bottle filling element alongside each other working in tandem, eliminating the need for customers to wash the bottles independently.

Falcon Foodservice Equipment
Part of Falcon’s F900 Series, the Flexi Pan is a multifunctional unit that can shallow fry, griddle, boil, stew, poach and braise. It also comes with optional accessories for steaming. With a straightforward control knob and a width of just 400mm, the appliance can be easily added into any kitchen, especially as no plumbing is required. The 14.7 litre pan, which is GN 1/1 compatible, will hold up to 8kg and has a temperature range of 60°C to 280°C. Running off a 3-phase 32 amp supply, performance is fast and temperature control is accurate, with cooking heat spread evenly across the base. Rounded internal corners make the cabinet easy to wipe clean after pan contents have been decanted.

Hobart’s new generation of smart undercounter glass and dishwasher models are its most intuitive yet having undergone extensive field-testing. Key features include a new Top-Dry drying function that helps to eradicate the time-consuming hand drying process through the use of a hydro-thermal energy storage system to convert humid air and a Vapostop² function that reduces the amount of steam generated when the machine door opens by 90%. The Visiotronic-Touch control drastically simplifies the functionality of the machine with a display that visualises all important information using both text and symbols, while the WashSmart app makes it simple to monitor levels of detergent and water in real time, download performance reports and order necessary consumables.

The new KM Edge range of ice machines has been specifically designed to meet the needs of facilities with a high demand for ice. They can produce a vast quantity of ice in a highly sustainable and efficient way thanks to Hoshizaki’s CycleSaver design. This unique design allows for the same quantity of ice in approximately half as many cycles, allowing operators to make significant energy savings. The reduction in cycles helps to preserve the life of the machine, minimising any possible maintenance requirements. To further enhance efficiency and maintenance, Hoshizaki has also introduced an EverCheck control board with audible alarm and diagnostics to the new units, allowing service technicians to diagnose problems with ease.

RH Hall
The latest version of RH Hall’s New Covent Garden Soup Server was launched following extensive trials and testing throughout the foodservice market. The company’s specialist Foodservice Solutions team listened to customer feedback and worked with both the manufacturer of the machine and the New Covent Garden product development team to ensure the best possible results for end-users. A focus on ease of use has ensured the unit continues to evolve, with the introduction of innovations such as contactless payment options delivering additional value. RH Hall has developed five flavours of soup that provide healthy menu options for end-users, including vegan options. Full allergen information is available at the touch of a button.

True Refrigeration
Having faced accusations in the past that its equipment comes in ‘American sizes’ or is ‘gas guzzling’, True has completely turned any misconceptions on its head by launching the TCR Counter Refrigerator range. Designed to set a new standard for functionality, performance and elegance in the professional kitchen, it is the most energy efficient set of counters that True has ever produced. Available in 2 or 3 sections, fully front-breathing, and with True’s state of-the-art temperature control technology, the counters are so customisable that there are more than 550 different configurations available. Certified to operate at Climate Class 5, it is robust enough to perform in the most demanding kitchen, and attractive enough to be situated front-of-house.

The 2019 FEJ Awards ceremony and gala dinner takes place on Tuesday 4 June, the first evening of the Commercial Kitchen show, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.


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