FEJ AWARDS 2021 SHORTLIST: Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Chef Solutions

Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Chef Solutions

The Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Chef Solutions recognises the innovative products that have been created to make life in the kitchen easier for chefs.

This accolade gives credit to the manufacturer or brand that has developed cutting-edge equipment that delivers tangible benefits in terms of kitchen performance, output or usability.

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 shortlist includes the following companies:

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Charvet has taken a long hard look at the new needs of today’s chefs and kitchens and evolved its much-loved Pro 800 series to changing surroundings and new style menus. Product developments include the introduction of several modules, including the multizone electric induction range, which combines four independent 3.5 kW induction hobs set under a one-piece glass top, and the electric plancha to meet demand for contact cooking. Charvet has also launched new Pro 800 110 litre gas or electric boiling pans in direct heated and water jacketed versions. Charvet has worked with its distributor partners to create a series of template designs for its cooking suites. This creates a package of ‘ready-made’ options which can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of group businesses. 

Duke Manufacturing

Duke Manufacturing’s ReadyFlex hot-holding cabinet ensures outstanding food quality and ultimate flexibility for foodservice operators that are looking to optimise their menus. The equipment quickly transitions cooked food to the ideal hot-holding temperature while maintaining ideal texture and colour of food. This means that food items are hot, fresh and ready where and when it is needed. The ReadyFlex range, which is sold in the UK through Duke’s distribution partner Victor Manufacturing, features independent top and bottom heat with multiple heat zones per shelf. It also allows for multiple pan configurations without the need for tools. The ReadyFlex is incredibly user friendly, allowing customers to manage their own menu change recipes and hold configurations by daypart from the unit itself or remotely via built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB or Bluetooth Mesh capabilities. 


Lincat’s IMC WasteStation Compact 2 offers double the capacity and speed of the original version, providing establishments such as restaurants, pubs, cafes and care homes with the opportunity to reduce food waste volumes by up to 80%. Significantly, the unit can now handle ‘tougher’ medium waste compared to the first generation model which was designed to process soft plate waste. With a footprint of 900mm x 600mm x 700mm, the manufacturer believes there is no other combined macerator and dewaterer system on the market that takes up less space. The solid faction created after waste has been macerated and dewatered  is collected in a small lidded bin for onward processing. Onward processes can include in-vessel composting or production of compressed pellets for biofuels.

MCS Technical

Food safety and efficiency have been major themes this year and with solutions from the likes of Emerson-Atkins and CookTek, MCS has supported the changing needs of chain operators. The new Emerson-Atkins Bluetooth thermometer is an essential part of new digital kitchen technology, linking via Bluetooth technology to tablets running third party apps to record critical food temperatures. Used by leading QSRs due to its reliability and speed of reaction, the product features ‘self-calibrating” firmware which means no annual calibration is necessary. Meanwhile, the CookTek heated food delivery system continues to provide a solution to restaurants that want to deliver hot, restaurant quality food. The heating element in the bag has a special Temperature Sensitive Alloy (TSA) at its core, which acts like a thermostat, but without wires, to make the system robust and waterproof.

Synergy Grill

Synergy Grill’s first ever electric eGrill range is built around a patented system of elements which delivers focused and exceptionally high heat to enable faster cooking times and electricity savings of up to 25%. Thanks to a unique atomisation process similar to that found in its gas grills, natural food oils are used as a secondary heat source, thus turning fat into free fuel. This delivers an environmentally responsible grill which saves 12 tons of CO2 emissions per year, in comparison to a standard electric grill. Advanced SMART controls place the grill onto a rapid heat-up stage for 30 minutes to allow it to reach the cooking temperature faster, after which point it will automatically adjust to whatever the operators’ desired set temperature is in one degree celsius increments. 


In the last 12 months alone, Unox has brought to market three key products that are expressly designed to help caterers overcome the challenges they face. The Bakerlux Speed.Pro accelerates cooking times by offering triple cooking – convection, for external golden browning; microwave, for fast internal heating; and conduction, for crusty toasting by contact. Elsewhere, the Multi.Day Hot Vacuum pump uses never-seen-before technology to vacuum seal hot food inside Unox trays at service temperature. It can work alongside Unox’s Evereo hot fridge to give food producers, caterers and retailers the opportunity to preserve hot food trays safely for up to 72 hours. Meanwhile, the ChefTop Mind.Maps Big Compact Plus is a high-performance trolley combi oven offering maximum performance with a width of just 650mm.

The 2021 FEJ Awards ceremony and gala dinner takes place on Thursday 23 September, the first evening of the Commercial Kitchen show, at the Hilton Canary Wharf.



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