FEJ AWARDS 2021 SHORTLIST: Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Kitchen Efficiency

Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Kitchen Efficiency

The Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Kitchen Efficiency recognises the innovative solutions created and marketed by catering equipment brands to support the foodservice industry.

This accolade gives credit to the manufacturer or brand that has enriched the market by introducing new equipment that delivers tangible benefits in terms of kitchen efficiency, ergonomics or design.

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 shortlist includes the following companies:

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Adande’s VCS2/S2 saladette was created following extensive consultation with foodservice and QSR customers. It incorporates Adande’s patented side-engine VCS2 two drawer fridge and an integrated refrigerated saladette unit, which accommodates 100 mm deep GN pans. The development has been driven by environmental responsibility, ergonomics, production efficiency, hygiene and aesthetics. In terms of functionality and ergonomics, the server has been designed with a front-facing profile, angled towards the operator, for simple and fast access where speed of service is critical. The two drawer fridge features Adande’s proven insulated horizontal ‘hold the cold’ technology, which has official energy ratings of ‘A’ in fridge mode and ‘B’ in freezer mode. The unit uses a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant, R600a, which has minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Maidaid Halcyon

Maidaid has enhanced its portfolio with new glasswashers, dishwashers and undercounter tray and dishwashers. Development has concentrated on reutilising design elements proven in operation and only introducing new aspects where it will truly offer benefits. Space savings and energy efficiency are a key part of the new undercounter tray and dishwasher range, for instance. This series benefits from a frontloading design, and offers a 500×600 rack size along with a substantially increased usable height compared to a traditional undercounter machine. Patented dual flow wash pump with soft start provides reduced power consumption while retaining wash efficiency, which can result in energy savings of up to 20%. Along with the new undercounter line, Maidaid has enhanced its passthrough offer with a high powered three phase class of machine in several ranges.

 Target Catering Equipment

Kitchen ventilation has always been a contentious issue for many sites with the need to ventilate premises, but the Covid-19 pandemic elevated the topic to national importance. That gave Target the impetus to develop Carbo Clean Air Systems, a range of commercial kitchen ventilation systems that benefit from various filtration options to suit different styles of cooking and different property requirements. Systems including the Carbo Clean recirculation canopy provide operators with a cost-effective ventless solution for commercial kitchen ventilation. Target researched and sourced the latest best filtration and air pollution handling measures to build into the newly developed easy to maintain canopy filter housing which incorporates high-performance front-end filtration enabling sites with ventilation discharge issues to become viable.

Williams Refrigeration

Williams has evolved its product offer in response to the changing refrigeration needs of customers in the UK. One of the main highlights has been the MaxiPrep Station, which provides easy access for up to 36 ingredients wells and offers flexible prep options to maximise space as required. The unit provides the perfect solution for rising demand in takeaway offerings. Shifting attention to create a solution for heightened hygiene measures, Williams developed and launched a foot-operated door opener for coldrooms, while its WTBC70 roll-in cabinet blast chiller model has been expanded to accommodate the most popular combi trolleys on the market. It also created the Medi+ range, which has been designed and engineered specifically for hospitals and care homes.


Winterhalter’s passthrough hood-type warewasher, the PT Workhorse, features a series of upgrades and innovations that not only reduce energy and water consumption, but enhance usability and reliability. The machine’s EnergyLight, which is fitted as standard, recycles energy from the waste water to heat the cold inlet water, reducing energy consumption by up to 10%. A special pump protector offers additional safety for the wash pump, guarding it from any debris that might find its way through, while a redesigned strainer handle for the filter basket makes it easier to remove and replace, so the operator doesn’t risk putting their hand in the hot water. Cleaning inside the filter basket itself is also easier, ensuring total hygiene. A new auto hood makes opening and closing the hood effortless.


Zerica’s i-Wall is a new generation IoT-enabled built-in hydration solution for dispensing filtered ambient, chilled and sparkling water in foodservice environments and other settings. I-Wall uses smart technology for a fully customisable user experience with an immediate and intuitive touchscreen interface and an incredible degree of two-way connectivity. It uses IoT and telemetry in a leading-edge way with three access levels: basic, advanced and technician. Users can set temperature and portion parameters, and manage filters based on volume. The ability to monitor the equipment remotely has benefits for diagnostics and service levels. The ideas and concepts developed for the i-Wall are now being rolled out across Zerica’s range, from the countertop Sikelia to the freestanding Kemonia and ultra slim desktop Kolumna.

The 2021 FEJ Awards ceremony and gala dinner takes place on Thursday 23 September, the first evening of the Commercial Kitchen show, at the Hilton Canary Wharf.



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