FEJ AWARDS 2022 SHORTLIST: Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Chef Solutions

Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Chef Solutions

The Supplier of the Year for New Product Development – Chef Solutions recognises the innovative products that have been created to make life in the kitchen easier for chefs.

This accolade gives credit to the manufacturer or brand that has developed cutting-edge equipment that delivers tangible benefits in terms of kitchen performance, output or usability.

We are delighted to announce that the 2022 shortlist includes the following companies:

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Fri-Jado invests 10% of its resources into R&D and this commitment has paid dividends with the creation of the Multi Deck Display (MDD) range. Designed from the ground up, the hot-holding unit has been shaped around genuine operator feedback and three core principles – visibility, efficiency and ergonomic design. Boasting patented air flow technology, operators can choose from 3, 4 or 5 shelves, widths of 60cm, 90cm or 120cm, single or multi-temperature control and solid back or pass-through. The improved design means the lower shelf is now 12cm higher than previous models, and with greater space between each one. The result is that the MDD increases the total display area for operators by 5% per m2, creating maximum product visibility and ensuring full focus on the food.


Hoshizaki has expanded its portfolio of cold solutions. The FM-60KE-HC flake machine is capable of producing 65kg of high quality ice in 24 hours thanks to impressive multi-blade cutters. The unique texture of flaked ice makes it ideal for a quick cooling effect, making it perfect for displaying and transporting food. The CM-50KE-HC cubelet machine can produce up to 55kg. The dry and hard components of the ice make it perfect to serve in drinks, due to the water to ice ratio. Both machines benefit from Hoshizaki’s unique worktime-based replacement system, an intuitive water rinse cycle, which prevents harmful residues from clogging the hydraulic system. On the refrigeration side, the Snowflake GII+ features an even sharper focus on efficiency and space utilisation courtesy of a new monoblock refrigeration system.


CiBO+ is the next step up in Lincat’s ventless high-speed oven range, featuring the introduction of microwave technology that enables a wider variety of menu items to be cooked. Typically when microwaves are used in high-speed ovens they can cause the product to ‘sweat’, however the combination of unique TurboAir and ContactBase overcomes this and ensures even colouration and crisp results. Users can set up to five different oven and base temperatures and then menu items can be assigned to a group which will deliver the best results. Users can achieve the same high quality result every time by pressing any one of the 40 menu items on the touchscreen and leaving the oven to do the rest. This removes language barriers and minimises training time and operating errors.


Takeaways, restaurants, event caterers, stadia operators and contractors are increasingly moving towards ‘reusable’ drinkware and food containers, but traditionally these have been hard to wash because plastics are lightweight and prone to move under water pressure. Most importantly, they cannot be stored unless they are completely dry, because any residual moisture allows bacteria to grow. Meiko has solved this issue on a scale needed to satisfy the volumes created by chains and multiple operators with the launch of its M-iQ cup washing machine. Capable of washing up to 8,400 cups an hour, vibration and drying sections of the dishwasher ensure that water droplets are shaken off the ware after washing, which can then be stacked straight away without compromising hygiene.


MKN has come up trumps with a series of new products to make life easier for kitchens. A fully-integrated grease collection system, available as an option with new FlexiCombi MagicPilot combi steamers, allows operators to collect and sell recyclable cooking liquids while meeting their FOG obligations. The system actively pumps excess oil, fats and liquids from cooked products out of the FlexiCombi and into a separate container, with 100% separation of recyclable cooking liquids and waste water. Meanwhile, MKN’s Counter SL series of appliances offers a front-of-house cooking suite solution for QSRs. More than 70 appliances are available in fully integrated suites with easy-to-clean drain channels and wall installation for enhanced hygiene. MKN has also developed a unique pull-out solution to allow easier service and maintenance of its SpaceCombi and Junior built-in appliances.


Technological innovation is at the forefront of Unox’s product strategy and nowhere is this more evident than with the launch of SPEED-X, the industry’s first self-washing combi speed oven. Offering a completely new digital experience, including premium remote support through the smart Digital.ID control panel, and fitted with an intelligent integrated wash system, SPEED-X is simple and easy to operate. A capacity of up to 10GN 2/3 trays in combi mode or a dedicated SPEED. Plate tray which performs up to four accelerated cooking processes simultaneously in speed mode, the unit delivers flexibility for busy footfall sites. Smart sensors within the oven are able to accurately detect the level of cleaning required via the ROTAR. Klean automatic washing system, avoiding wasted energy and time in the process.

The 2022 FEJ Awards ceremony and gala dinner takes place on Wednesday 14 September, the first evening of the Commercial Kitchen show, at the Hilton Canary Wharf, London.



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