FEJ AWARDS PARTNER INTERVIEW: True thrives on excelling in the most challenging kitchen climates

True Refrigeration is a giant of the refrigeration market and its investment in new products is providing operators with access to equipment that maintains freshness and food safety. Sales and key account director of UK & Ireland, Scott Jones, explains how great customer experiences begin and end with fresh ingredients held at proper temperature. 

There have been some exciting developments at True this year. How is the year shaping up for the company in the UK?

2018 has proven to be a breakout year for True thus far. We had a phenomenal response at Hotelympia to our latest innovations in GN-compatible undercounter and upright refrigerators and freezers. Our products serve a growing, more demanding UK market with the widest range of products backed by the industry’s best warranty.

The company is well-known for its heavy duty refrigeration – where do you see the biggest opportunities for the business? 

True excels in the most rigorous, challenging environments where proper holding temperatures are a must. Ingredients are any commercial kitchen’s greatest asset, key to its success, and maintaining their freshness and food safety is something that True takes very seriously.

The refrigeration industry has undergone some big changes in recent years, particularly with the introduction of minimum energy performance standards. How has True adapted to this?

Over the past decade, True has invested heavily into R&D of R290-based refrigeration systems that incorporate energy-saving, eco-friendly designs without sacrificing performance. Not only do we fully comply with today’s mandate and standards, but we will be ready for the next few years when non-HC refrigerants are permanently phased out.

We will be ready for the next few years when non-HC refrigerants are permanently phased out”

You’re exhibiting at the Commercial Kitchen show – what’s the main focus for the company?

We’re looking forward to a busy Commercial Kitchen show in which our new GN-compatible undercounter and upright refrigerators and freezers take centre stage once again. We look forward to feedback from the consultant/designer segment on where they see these innovations best fitting into their plans.

Refrigeration is the one constant in a commercial kitchen – it’s always on and no chef could do without it. Do you think there’s enough awareness in the market of how important it is to work with the right supplier?

With such a wide array of brands in the market, commercial kitchen operators often take refrigeration for granted. Great customer experiences begin and end with fresh ingredients held at proper temperature prior to preparation. We will continue to emphasise this in our outreach and education among industry professionals every turn we get.

True is the sponsor of the Multi-Site Kitchen Projects at the FEJ Awards. What do operators that are looking to roll out refrigeration equipment across multiple sites most need to bear in mind?

The key to deciding on which brand of refrigeration to use across many sites are two-fold. One is choosing a brand that can supply as many of the different types of refrigerators and freezers needed in the kitchen and dining area. The other is to look carefully at the level of after-sale support that the manufacturer can offer. True is most successful with multi-site restaurant concepts for these very reasons.

True has quite a strong product development pipeline in place at the moment – what can customers expect from you over the next 12 months.

With True’s resources and investments in engineering and R&D, we’re constantly introducing new and updated versions of our most popular designs. Be sure to see us at upcoming trade events to get a firsthand peek under the tent!

True Refrigeration is sponsoring the Operator of the Year for Multi-Site Kitchen Projects category at the 2018 FEJ Awards. Find out more at www.truemfg.com/EMEA/UK or follow @TrueRefrigUK




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