Product innovation: Hobart Premax FTPi and Ovention Shuttle

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Every month, Foodservice Equipment Journal trawls the market for breakthrough inventions and innovative fine tweaks that will make the biggest difference to operators. This month we examine a groundbreaking warewasher from Hobart and an energy-efficient oven from Ovention that doesn’t require an extractor.

Model: Premax FTPi
Manufacturer: Hobart
Claim: A groundbreaking flight-type warewasher offering operators a mix of world-first technologies alongside unrivalled cost savings.

Hobart Premax FTPi
Hobart Premax FTPi

The Premax FTPi has just won the prestigious German Design Award 2015 in the category covering industry, materials and healthcare, making Hobart the first warewashing manufacturer to be awarded the nation’s top design prize.  The victory caps a hat-trick of wins after the machine also scooped the IF Design Award by International Forum Design and the RedDot Design Award.

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 “The FTPi represents the pinnacle of warewashing design currently found anywhere on the globe, harnessing world-first technologies that will make for enhanced performance and serious cost savings. In short, it’s a real game changer.” Tim Bender, UK sales director – warewashing, Hobart UK.

FEJ spec sheet:

  • The machine includes patented twinLINE technology, making it possible to wash trays on a separate conveyor while the other items are being washed in the machine making for vastly superior operational efficiency.
  • Trays are automatically stacked in the exit section of the machine for ease of use.
  •  The system increases capacity without increasing footprint and makes washing up to 30% faster, according to the brand.
  •  Patented 50PERCENT fresh-water rinse reduces water consumption by up to 65%.
  •  The company’s PERMANENT CLEAN automatic soil removal system saves up to 20% detergent and eliminates disruption of the wash process caused by the need to remove and clean filters and baskets.
  •  Machine uses its own energy to ensure a stable temperature balance – a precondition for achieving consistent and hygienic results. The CLIMATE PRO System recycles 100% of the machine’s thermal energy also significantly reducing the energy consumption of the machine.


Model: Shuttle
Manufacturer: Ovention
Claim: Gives operators the flexibility to cook precisely and efficiently, offering high performance, high capacity cooking at the touch of a button.

Ovention Shuttle.
Ovention Shuttle.


The Ovention Shuttle is the latest development from US-based foodservice manufacturer Hatco following the success of its Matchbox oven. That product was launched in the UK last year, also by Gamble Foodservice Solutions. The unit switches between high capacity conveyor cooking and precise control for menu variety at the touch of a button.

“The Shuttle delivers two essential oven technologies, combining high performance cooking with flexibility and innovation. It is comfortable and quiet, ticks the box for energy efficient cooking and does not require a hood — which makes it a perfect solution for busy kitchens in a wide variety of sectors.” Andy Piggin, sales director, Gamble Foodservice Solutions (Ovention Shuttle distributor)

 FEJ spec sheet: 

  • The Ovention Shuttle can switch between a traditional conveyor for maximum throughput of a high-volume menu item during peak periods, and precise cooking of added-value dishes when footfall is lower.
  • The combination of two oven capabilities in one integrated unit is made possible through Ovention’s trademarked Precision Impingement technology
  • Customised temperature, time and blower speeds for each item, without the need for a hood.
  • One-touch, easy-to-follow Graphical User Interface-based (GUI) control system ensures easy, effective operation and features up to 1,000 unique cook settings as well as four peak time conveyor mode settings.
  • Three catalytic converters, a USB port and front panel cooling system offer improved performance and user experience.
  • RapidLoad technology with easy-to-use touchpads and stepper motor automation moves food into the oven capacity in under three seconds so that food can begin cooking immediately, reducing loading time to increase kitchen productivity.
  • Handy E-Save mode automatically closes the doors When nothing is being cooked (while in conveyor mode)
  • Up to 1,000 unique cook settings and four peak time conveyor mode settings. No hood required.


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