FEJ’s 2018 CHRISTMAS QUIZ: Who said that this year?

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It has been an eventful 12 months in the foodservice industry, with plenty of ups and downs to keep the market on its toes. Here are 10 memorable quotes that we have reported this year – can you guess who they are from? Answers to all the quotes are available at the bottom of the page…

QUOTE 1: “I wrote to Carillion back in July last year to express concern after hearing from FSB members that the company was making small suppliers wait 120 days to be paid. Sadly these kind of poor payment practices are all too common among some big corporates. Perhaps if they weren’t it would be easier to spot the warning signs of a huge company in financial trouble.””

QUOTE 2: “It’s an absolute cock-up. KFC are left with hundreds of restaurants closed while DHL try and run the whole operation out of one distribution centre — where conditions are an utter shambles. Three weeks ago KFC knew they had made a terrible mistake, but by then it was too late. KFC’s bird-brained decision has caused untold misery to customers, to Bidvest workers and restaurant staff who are not being paid. Now they’ve been left with egg on their face.”

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QUOTE 3: “I think there may be a dark kitchen model where you use multi-operators, but I can’t see Deliveroo Editions working as a model. And so what you’ve got now is the likes of Deliveroo — they will deny it — but they are looking at becoming operators in their own right. They start to become a competitor of ours. This is a big thing and if I was Deliveroo I would look at becoming an operator. It’s common sense.”

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QUOTE 4: “The competition has moved around us and grown around us and circled us. We’d spent a few years conquering and settling into new territories and towns. We were really happy with our victories so we rested on our laurels a bit, without noticing that people around us were starting to form new businesses.”

QUOTE 5: “In order for us to make the effort to say that we would like to approve this new supplier selling us this bit of kit, they have really got to be offering us value.”

QUOTE 6: “I can see a need for equipment manufacturers to take into account the rising price of overheads and the squeeze on business profit margins having an impact. This could lead to the situation whereby equipment is operated from a central power bank, charged overnight when the cost and demand for electricity is lower. The stored charge could then be used throughout the day to deliver the necessary power for the range of equipment used in a modern day kitchen.”

QUOTE 7: “I think one of the biggest barriers to buying energy efficient equipment is lack of planning and lack of a strategy from a client perspective. And what tends to happen is that, through lack of planning, we will operate a kitchen and the fridge or the fryer or something will keep breaking down and we’ll keep it getting repaired, and it’ll keep breaking down and we’ll keep getting it repaired. Eventually it will fail, completely. Suddenly the client realises actually this is going to be a big issue for service tomorrow unless we can get this sorted out. So they get on the phone and they say, ‘get me a fridge, I don’t care what it is as long as it can be here tomorrow’.”

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QUOTE 8: “The best thing that ever happened to us was when local authorities brought out the five-star [food hygiene] scores on the doors and to everyone’s surprise a couple of years ago they said that over the last five years the best companies have been Wetherspoon and Pret A Manger. Most of my pals said, ‘we can understand Pret A Manger…’”

QUOTE 9: “I think QSRs are pretty smart about their design and they have an established estate of properties that is generally fairly well-equipped and thought-through from a space point of view, so the bigger QSR chains don’t have to worry too much. I think the fast-casual, emerging chains space is where you will see quite radical shifts.”

QUOTE 10: They have become more personalised to give you a solution that’s right for your business as opposed to being modular and ‘this is what we do, take it or leave it’. In the past there would be some businesses that would just say, ‘well that’s what we have got, we have had that for 30 years and we’re not changing.’ I think the continuation of innovation and personalisation makes a difference.”


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