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  1. Very disappointed with the show this year – not even sure that the revitalised HRC in 2020 will be the answer (providing travel and accommodation to nominated buyers smacks of the “Catering Forum” days aboard the cruise ship; good for 2 events then tailed off as those not buyers were given the trip as a ‘perk’)
    The big boys (Foster, Counterline, Falcon weren’t there, and many of the suppliers I spoke to said they’d not be spending such a large amount for a 3 day show in 2 years time)
    As a doyen of the industry, yes I miss the Olympia days – but just don’t know what the solutions IS – anyone care to chip in with their ideas?

  2. Cathy – sadly I believe the location of the event is a deterrent to many. Unless you are flying into City Airport its not easy to reach by road or rail and, it’s been said before by those wiser than me, that the “pull” of being in the West End is so much stronger than Docklands. I still found the chance to meet colleagues and suppliers probably made the event worthwhile for a day, but coupled with the changes in channels to market over recent years the days of the traditional trade show are maybe numbered.

  3. I do think some points are being missed here and I would encourage all of us to engage with the show organisers individually if you don’t have all the details of the plans.
    I don’t believe the days of the traditional show are numbered at all. Customers want to see the equipment they are buying – not everything is internet biased. Ask anyone with a showroom.
    The Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) will fully open in Dec 2019 offering 10/15 minute journeys between ExCeL and the West End.
    When you say the big boys weren’t there you are missing out Hoshizaki, Meiko, Winterhalter, Classeq, Rational, Welbilt, Hobart, Jestic, Charvet, Exclusive Ranges, Athanor, Induced Energy, Retigo, Precision, First Choice, Samsung, Amazon, CaterQuotes, CESA, CEDA, FCSI, Cedabond and others I can’t immediately recall.
    A shorter show is in line with today’s faster moving events and as to the cost, there are discounts for multiple bookings (Birmingham and Scotland) as well as a more uniform, better looking and cost effective shell scheme offer.
    It’s about time someone had the convictions of their instincts and changed the name of our show.
    I thought there was more equipment on display than I have seen for quite a few years.
    There is nowhere else in the South to take an exhibition of this magnitude and importance to the industry.
    Hoshizaki UK has signed provisional contracts to exhibit at both Birmingham in 2019 and ExCeL in 2020.
    It’s up to us to support the efforts of Fresh Montgomery as they continue to invest for the benefit of us all but I would be the first to agree that if the investment is not right for the individual company, they should go elsewhere – perhaps to one of the smaller shows that attract dramatically smaller audiences and which, btw, will be moving to the same venue.
    I know that comments people make are mostly borne out of love for the Hospitality industry, as are mine.

  4. I also missed Valentine, MKN, Liebherr, True etc. who exhibited.
    Feel free to chip in with any others as well

  5. I feel that one key issue that can be used to measure the value of an exhibition, for both the visitor and the exhibitor relates to the content on show.

    CESA had 146 new products covered in its new equipment guide and many of these were on the floor of the show. 79 members exhibited which is the largest number to date. For consultants designers and distributors this new product ‘content’ will have helped them to understand the latest developments including; connectivity, labour saving, energy and water saving as well as new designs. All are very relevant in the current market.

    Exhibitors are becoming more adept at representing the key products that they want customers to focus on. They now use exhibition space in a more tactical manner than ever before. Budgets and the availability of more media channels mean that there is increasing competitiveness for their marketing pound and this puts the focus on effective use of stand space too.

    The re-brand to Hotel Restaurant and Catering (HRC) makes it clear what proposition is to the visitor – for a show that is broader than Hotels and not at Olympia. The further sub division of The Professional Kitchen Show, Interiors and Tableware, The Foodservice Show and Hospitality Tech Show gives strong signposting to support the content that the overall brand delivers.

    Our market will continue to change. Our industry exhibitions will be able to match that if they develop too. The developments unveiled by Fresh Montgomery last week mean that HRC exhibitions become more relevant to the visitor though its name, identity and the new products on the stands. This in turn will lead to the exhibitions adding more value and developing beyond previous iterations.

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