Fifth of workers claim lack of investment in new equipment damages morale

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Decision-makers within the foodservice industry fear low worker morale due to growing pressures, working conditions and lack of investment in new equipment.

40% of senior employees within the sector believe morale is low due to a lack of investment and working conditions according to new research from Dustcontrol UK.

The study, which questioned 100 UK-based food industry professionals, found that 20% of respondents attribute flagging worker morale to lack of investment in tools and equipment, while a further 17% blamed working conditions.

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While investment and working environment accounted for 37% an additional 54% said staff are under more pressure to achieve more in a working day. The remaining 16% didn’t believe any of these were an issue.

The study then looked at how connected a clean working environment was to business performance, revealing 58% considered them to be every closely connected, while 36% said  it was quite connected.

The study, which also probed respondents about the use of dust extraction in the food industry, found that 36% said the systems have an adverse impact on workers’ health. A further 18% said a messy working environment was the biggest side effect.

James Miller, Dustcontrol UK’s general manager, said: “Dust is a pervasive problem that negatively impacts businesses that experience it as an issue in a variety of ways. It’s no surprise that it damages morale. The majority of us can appreciate that working in a dust-filled environment isn’t going to be enjoyable.

“Considering investment is another detrimental factor on morale, it would certainly be worth considering investing in sufficient dust extraction measures to consider killing two birds with one stone. With 54% seeing people having too much to do in one day as a contributor to poor morale, there’s another boost as dust extraction removes the need for worker resource to be used on cleaning, thus saving time that can be used elsewhere.”

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