Filta’s revolutionary Cyclone sweeps in to keep kitchens free of FOG problems

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Oil filtration and separation experts Filta Group today lifted the lid on a groundbreaking new solution that raises the bar in the field of Grease Recovery Units (GRUs).

The company’s next-generation GRU – named the GreaseMaster Cyclone – delivers industry-leading levels of fat, oil and grease separation while using less energy than traditional GRUs.

Thanks to its unique design, the unit is “near odour-free” and the company expects it to provide significant benefits for large catering outlets.

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Designed by engineers working directly in the field, Filta insists the GRU addresses all the concerns of existing technologies after 15 years in development.

The system features eight independent ‘hydro cyclones’ – a world-first, according to the firm – which facilitate a unique two-stage FOG separation and recovery to remove grease.

“This is a truly revolutionary product which sets a new standard for grease recovery units,” said Edward Palin, commercial director at Filta Group. “The Cyclone unit is the result of input from engineers across the Filta business. It has been 15 years in the making to create a unit that takes the best technology and design principles and addresses the shortfalls of other units on the market.”

He added: “Suitable for drainage systems, dishwashers/pot wash areas, rotisserie ovens and combi ovens, the GreaseMaster Cyclone de-waters and filters out food waste to reduce drain blockages and can save on power costs when compared with other units.

“At a time when regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, it provides a trusted, all-encompassing solution – all with the backing of a company which has been at the forefront of innovation in grease management for nearly 20 years.”

Filta said the unit is estimated to remove in the region of 2,000 litres of oil from sink waste every year, which can then be re-purposed for biofuel.

In addition, the ultra-high performance system removes over 99.9% of oil carried in the waste effluent and protects against drain blockages or water company compliance.

Under the Water Industry Act (1999), sites are required to install grease separation or removal equipment to prevent it from entering drains or sewers.

With poor understanding of the issue and concerns over how to correctly specify solutions, an increasing number of operators are facing prosecutions and steep fines for complacency, from health and safety inspectors and from water companies.

Research shows more than 70% of drain blockages and backups within a commercial kitchen are caused by the build-up of FOG generated from washing pots, pans and plates.

The potential costs go beyond compliance, because drain blockages often need emergency call-outs with bills and can create further complications elsewhere in the water system.

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