Firm behind ‘bleeding’ vegan burger about to launch ‘meatless’ hot dog

Moving Mountains plant-based hot dog

The firm behind the world’s first ‘bleeding’ meatless burger is poised to launch a footlong hot dog that looks and tastes like meat.

Moving Mountains, whose plant-based burgers are now served up by the kitchens of chains such as Marston’s and Harvester, has teamed up with not-for-profit vegan institution, Unity Diner, to exclusively unveil the meatless hot dog next week.

All of the profits from Unity Diner go directly towards funding the animal rights organisation Surge as well as the development of a brand new rescue sanctuary for animals just outside of London.

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The company claims that unlike any other plant-based hot dog on the market, it has used specialised machines, local natural ingredients and “incredible scientific processes” to create the recipe.

It claims the hot dog is “identical to its pork counterpart in taste, smell and texture” and will “fool even the most committed carnivores and convince them that a pig isn’t needed to make a dog”.

The product is made from a mixture of sunflower seeds, carrots, onion, paprika and coconut oil.

At Unity Diner in London, it will sell for £6 at 50% off the regular price (£12) during the launch weekend with a Classic American serve of caramelised onions, mustard and ketchup in a warm bun.

Moving Mountain’s meatless burger has proved a huge hit with UK chains keen to develop their vegan offerings.

In January, Harvester, which is part of Mitchells & Butlers, added the burger its vegan menu in 200 outlets.

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