Firm behind pizza vending machines with in-built ovens enters UK market

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A French tech company has entered the UK market with a ‘smart’ vending machine for pizzas that contains an integrated oven.

API Tech has had success with its equipment in its home market after fine-tuning the systems to achieve the desired quality, prompting it to roll the concept out to the UK.

It recently opened a trade office in London aimed specifically at focusing on developing sales of the ‘smart pizza’ system.

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The vending machine, which has been on display at this week’s European Pizza and Pasta Show, is designed to allow pizza chefs to sell their products 24/7 and expand their customer base.

Managing director Frederic Deprun believes the UK market holds “great potential” due to the eating habits of British consumers.

It hopes the UK will follow the trend seen in the French market, where pizzeria owners have been buying machines to serve customers that want the freedom to purchase pizza whenever they want. Some of its customers have up to nine machines in operation.

API Tech manufactures the automated machines itself, using an in-house engineering department that includes a number of technicians with backgrounds in industrial mechanics and IT.

Operators can manage the machines remotely from a web app and stock can be checked to make sure that the pizzas are produced accordingly.

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