“Five female chefs are working in my kitchen for the first time”, reveals Claude Bosi

Claude Bosi

Claude Bosi, the two-Michelin star chef at London restaurant Bibendum, has revealed that for the first time females make up a significant number of employees in his kitchen.

The chef was speaking at a Nespresso event held at his London venue entitled ‘The Difference She Makes’, where top industry cooks and food influencers took to the stage to discuss women in hospitality.

As part of the debate, Mr Bosi said that for the first time ever there were five female chefs working in his establishment, describing it as a ‘fantastic’ development.

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“Women are more competitive in my experience,” he told the audience, “and that makes the men want to follow. My dream is to have a head chef who is a woman,” he added.

During the session, the panel examined the integral role women play in the industry and the difference they make, as well as delving into the current state of responsible sourcing and the importance restaurants and hotels place on this.

Also part of the debate was Michael Wignall, former executive head chef at Gidleigh Park in Devon, who said that in his experience, women bring a slight “sense of calm and organisation” to the kitchen environment.

He said: “We’ve all got to change our attitude and make sure the environment changes with that.”

Mr Bosi and Mr Wignall were on a panel that also included Michelin starred chef Daniel Clifford, as well as Julie Gallacher, sustainability lead at Nespresso, Jessica Wragg, a successful butcher at Ginger Pig, Sandia Chang, sommelier at Bubbledogs and former winner of National Chef of the Year, Ruth Hansom.

With more prominence now being placed on sustainability, coupled with the ongoing debate around the number of women in the food and drink industry, the Nespresso #TheDifferenceSheMakes campaign aims to empower women in coffee farming and highlight the positive impact this can have on the economic and social development of millions of people.

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