Flexeserve CEO reaches 25 years at firm where he started out sweeping the factory floor

Jamie Joyce, CEO, Flexeserve (centre), chairman & founder Alan Nuttall (left), Warwick Wakefield, customer experience director (right)

Flexeserve CEO Jamie Joyce is celebrating 25 years at The Alan Nuttall Partnership – during which time he has gone from sweeping the factory floor as a teenager to running the business.

Mr Joyce has climbed to the top rung of the ladder after joining the business back in 1995 and said his journey was evidence of the opportunities that the employee-owned company provides.

“I absolutely love my job and I feel very fortunate to be where I am within the Partnership,” he said. “I also believe that we offer – and must continue to offer – similar opportunities for progression to those with the ambition and ability to drive the company forward.”

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During his initial years with the firm he worked in production support and then acted as a project manager.

From there, he progressed through a number of roles before being named commercial and operations director of Flexeserve in 2016, a role that placed him in a position to shape the direction of the business.

Mr Joyce created a strategy for what was to become its flagship product – the Flexeserve Zone hot-holding cabinet.

His vision was to create a comprehensive service around the technology, to achieve a clear competitive advantage within the market. This involved developing a team, a product and the facilities to put the Flexeserve brand at the forefront of the industry.

He has since served as CEO for the last two years.

Alan Nuttall, chairman of the Partnership, said: “I remember meeting Jamie in the factory on what might well have been his very first week working with us. I recall speaking with him and then telling Mick Steele [technical director] that he seemed like a bright spark with a great future ahead of him. Who could have known just how right that statement was!

“And now, here we are, 25 years later. We’re several years into realising a strategy and vision – of Jamie’s own creation – which has revolutionised this part of the business.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the great ideas and hard work that have poured out of Jamie and his team – their products and services have put them well ahead within the market place.”

Although the pandemic has hit the industry hard and hampered many companies’ growth plans, Flexeserve is still aiming to maintain momentum at home and abroad.

Plans to launch a new product that addresses the developing hot-holding requirements of the wider food industry later this year are still scheduled to go ahead.

“We’re continuing to push things forward-– the world of foodservice and retailing is changing. Recent events have made sure of that – accelerating the desire for hot-holding,” said Mr Joyce. “We’re ensuring that we’re on hand to help customers create the right solutions for their consumers.”

MAIN IMAGE: Jamie Joyce (centre), celebrating with chairman and founder Alan Nuttall (left), Warwick Wakefield, customer experience director (right) and the Flexeserve team. 

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