‘Fogger in a can’ offers 15-minute solution for keeping restaurants and kitchens clean

B Santized fogger in rooms

A leading environmental specialist is bidding to make it easy for restaurant and hotel operators to clean and sanitise equipment and rooms with an aerosol fogger that works its magic in just 15 minutes.

Environmental Biotech Int LLC describes its new B Sanitized product as a “fogger in a can” and says it can be deployed by a member of staff without any specialist training or PPE.

Once an unlocking mechanism on the can is activated, it releases a disinfectant which creates a mist within the immediate area.

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“If you place it in the centre of a room, for example, and lock the spray into position, the contents shoot out and head straight up towards the ceiling, where they bounce off and create an umberella effect,” explained Aziz Tejpar, CEO of Environmental Biotech Int LLC.

“As the mist spreads, it is heavier than air and will eventually settle, having covered all surfaces from ceilings to light fixtures to walls, window coverings and soft surfaces as well as under tables and chairs, creating a sweeping effect. The whole area is covered with a film.”

Mr Tejpar said it is perfectly safe to return to the room within 15 to 20 minutes, making it an ideal solution for commercial kitchens, hotel rooms and care homes.

“It is alcohol-based, like you get with hand sanitisers, hence the effect is similar, but in addition to that we have added an EPA-approved acticide that is effective against many complex virus such as SARS, N1H1, human coronavirus and more. In fact, we developed this solution during the SARS outbreak a number of years ago.”

The product is now approved in the UK and Europe with BS EN 1650/ 1276 and 14476 certifications.

Environmental Biotech Int, whose headquarters is in Sarasota, Florida, has a long history of developing solutions for issues that affect foodservice operators, including in areas such as FOG, odour control and water treatment.

“Hygiene and sanitising is now the new normal, and will continue to be, hence making the process easier for the operator is key – so they can save time and money without compromising cleanliness,” said Mr Tejpar.

Once the B Santized aerosol has been activated, the protection lasts for up to seven days on a surface, although operators should still continue with their practice of wiping down high-touch objects such as door handles, switches and counters, Mr Tejpar said.

“Depending how often something is touched or how many people frequent the site, one can take a view of how many times a week they should fog. In busy areas you could say once every two to three days with proper daily wipe downs. In hotel rooms, it could be before a new customer occupies it and in care homes twice a week in common areas and weekly in rooms, or as management feel is necessary.”

The product can be used in commercial kitchens but, like any chemical or sanitiser, must not come into direct contact with food.

“Once done, the surfaces are food safe,” he said. “For kitchen areas it is recommended that the non-odour version is used. It can also be used in cold rooms, coolers, cellars, even delivery vehicles.”

Environmental Biotech Int produces the can in two sizes – 150ml, which covers an area of 20ft by 20ft and 200ml, which covers an area of 25ft by 30ft.

“When you do the math, including the labour time to do certain areas, this will prove its worth,” said Mr Tejpar. “Of course, very large areas such as halls with high ceilings are not suited to our product. However, for enclosed spaces with normal ceiling heights, it is effective, quick and simple.”

B Sanitized is available directly from Environmental Biotech Int as well as through distributors such as First Choice Catering Spares and, shortly, via

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