Food tech start-up targets dark kitchens


A tech start-up has developed software to help solve the allergen dilemma for food outlets of any size – and insists the system would also benefit the growing number of dark kitchens springing up across the UK.

ePOS Hybrid has welcomed tough new recommendations from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) which has urged government ministers adopt strict new rules over highlighting the 14 major allergens.

The Edinburgh-based firm says one of the reasons it developed its software was to help restaurants and takeaways to cope with the onerous task of tracking and labelling dishes and ingredients for allergy sufferers.

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Founder Bhas Kalangi said: “The FSA is absolutely right to highlight the problems that allergen labelling poses for food businesses. The time, cost and difficulty of tracking and listing allergens during food preparation was one of the main issues that came up repeatedly when I was carrying out my own research of restaurants and takeaways.

“As a result, businesses are repeatedly failing to do this. For most of them it is simply too complex a problem to track and keep on top of. However, our technology provides the manager of a hospitality business with the option to list and update allergen information for all food items with a few simple clicks of a button.”

The ePOS Hybrid platform provides extensive business management, efficiency and streamlining tools, integrated with a full point of sale system.

The Android-based system can automate every aspect of a venue’s operation – from stock management to staff training and rotas.

Once implemented, it’s simple to update allergy information across menus, websites and ordering systems at the click of a button. It also ensures all staff have easy access to the information whether in the kitchen, on the floor or in the delivery chain.

Mr Kalangi, who created the system while also running a highly successful software consultancy in London, added: “It is very quick and easy to add allergen information to our system and update it as menus develop.

“The information is copied across every outlet where our system is used and on websites, tablets, digital menus, checkouts and any digital app. Staff have the information easily to hand, while customers can choose dishes with confidence – and crucially the businesses are legally compliant.”

Mr Kalangi said the system is also ideal to help light up so-called “dark kitchens” found in the middle of industrial estates or other unusual locations.

He added: “If a restaurant is using our system, quite simply it doesn’t matter if a member of staff is working in a ‘dark kitchen’ on the outskirts of town or meeting and greeting diners in the city centre. They will all have seamless and simple access to the information they need.”

ePOS Hybrid was founded three years ago and now employs 28 staff.

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