‘Food waste will become a tradeable commodity for caterers’ – Meiko says new kit could offer lucrative payback

Biomaster food waste system

Food waste management remains a critical issue for the industry – and Meiko is aiming to play a big part in how operators deal with this through its BioMaster solution.  

BioMaster can handle all types of food waste including soup, sauce, grease and gravy, cooking oils and fats and even shells and bones, which cannot be processed by grey water systems. It also processes flower stalks, which can clog some forms of macerator.

The system homogenizes food waste into liquid slurry, for later processing into biogas or fertilizer.

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“BioMaster is futureproof because it preserves the energy integrity of food waste, which one day will become a tradeable commodity to the benefit of the caterer,” insists UK managing director Paul Anderson.

“The product of the system is biomass, which is a gradable source of energy power and/or fertilizer. The more energy the caterer’s food waste contains (such as provided by fats and oils), the more valuable it is to the biomass anaerobic digestion plant operator.”

No extra labour is required to run BioMaster; indeed labour is saved by removing the need to move food waste outside, according to Mr Anderson, who says that instead of plate scrapping to bins, BioMaster seamlessly slots into the dishwash system where plates are scraped into BioMaster’s stainless steel hopper instead.

“We suggest the BioMaster can pay for itself just on the hygiene benefits by saving the space for waste food storage — often a separate chilled area — and the time, energy and chemicals required to keep this area or traffic path hygienically clean.”

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