Forum Café Bars chain switches to Lincat clam griddles at eight outlets

Andy Burns, group executive chef

Forum Café Bars is switching to Lincat Opus 700 clam griddles to improve the cooking time and taste of 2000 burgers that it serves every week.

The South Yorkshire group will use the griddles in all eight of its properties, which include café bars, gastropubs and American-style diners and smokehouses.

Opus 700 single and double clam griddles cook food faster than standard griddles by cooking both sides of the food simultaneously.

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The clam plates automatically adjust to the thickness of the meat to provide even heat distribution, reduce shrinkage and seal in flavour, Lincat says.

Forum Café Bars’s executive chef, Andy Burns, explains: “We cook around 2,000 burgers a week, so high volume and fast speed is of the essence. The first Opus 700 clam griddle was introduced into our group last year and we have been delighted with the results.

“Depending on size, we can have a burger ready in one-and-a-half minutes – a 6oz in two minutes. On a chargrill, it would have taken eight to 10 minutes. Chicken and steaks are also cooked a lot quicker. This speed gives the meat that crucial resting time, which makes it tender and brings it to perfect serving temperature.

“They are quick and easy to clean, so we can cook a wide variety of items in a short space of time. We also use them for flatbreads and gourmet toasted sandwiches, and our chefs have been using silicone mats with the clam griddles to cook fish.

“The clam griddles now play an important role in our kitchens, so much so that we are planning to move away from traditional chargrills. With a grill, you would lose meat juices into the flames. However, when cooking a burger on a clam griddle, the patty is cooked on both sides, with juices caramelising onto the patty to keep it succulent.”

Lincat national account manager Sev Uzar comments: “The speed at which the clam griddles can cook food, along with the taste quality that’s achieved, makes them a popular option for any kitchen. That’s why we suggested they were introduced into the kitchens at Forum. The new ribbed plate variation will give our customers even more choice and enable them to achieve that characteristic branding on meat, which diners desire.”

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