Fridge monitoring firm Monika’s equipment is just the job for jabs

Monika temperature monitoring system

Technology from temperature monitoring specialist Monika is being used to directly support the UK’s vaccination programme – and could even be deployed in instances where foodservice refrigeration is offered for storage.

A number of operators said last week they would be happy to make their refrigeration assets available while their premises remain closed.

And while this led to debate over safety due to temperature instability associated with some varieties of refrigeration, Monika’s director of sales Rag Hulait said there are methods to counteract these risks.

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“Given the national importance and urgency of the vaccine roll-out, the good news is that it is quick and easy to install discrete sensors into refrigeration that rapidly provide a protection system against temperature excursions.

“Alerts will be sent to staff wherever they are, prompting action in the case of equipment moving out of prescribed range. Monika’s sensors record temperatures every seven minutes – safeguarding the contents of a fridge, whatever its capacity. This is a useful and cost-effective insurance policy against costly – and in this case potentially deadly – stock loss.”

Monika is already installing systems to monitor fridges at sites holding the new vaccine which needs to be kept between 2°C and 8°C, and at those dispensing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that has much more demanding storage requirements.

Its systems are sensitive enough to record even minor temperature fluctuations so product can be safely relocated, and it can programme alerts if a door is left open and a unit warms up.

Mr Hulait said that a temperature monitoring system can identify and help avoid common problems such as fridge door seals failing, poor ventilation and high humidity environments.

“The ambitious roll-out programme needs all the support going to run smoothly, and hospitality will play an important role. Monitoring fridge and freezer temperatures where the vaccine is stored could make a genuine contribution to our best defence against coronavirus.”

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