FriPura calls for cleaner frying techniques in battle to beat obesity

Sam Wilbraham, executive chef and marketing director, FriPura with Kyle Barnes, head chef of the Eagle with the FriPura filter

Hull-based FriPura has called for companies to adopt cleaner frying techniques to slash the number of calories and fat levels in commonly eaten foods in response to peak in obesity figures.

The bid to encourage healthier frying techniques comes as Public Health England plans to work with food producers and retailers, which the government hopes will see changes in action as early as the start of next year, are tipped to push for reduced portion sizes and healthier ingredients used in production

The FriPura filter is designed to reduce fat in commercial deep-fat frying processes and the company claims it has been proven to reduce the calories by 25%.

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The filter reduces impurities and harmful elements in the oil, some of which are created in the frying process, and also reduces the amount of oil absorbed by the food. In its first year of launch the filter has been adopted by a number of restaurant and bar chains, including, The Lovely Pub Company, The IHG, and The Metropolitan Pub Company.

Sam Wilbraham, executive chef and marketing director at the company, said: “Reducing portion sizes is often the go-to idea when it comes to tackling obesity, though we believe this doesn’t absolutely have to happen. Our filter drastically reduces the fat and calories in fried foods, without any need to change cooking practices.

“The benefits don’t stop there, either. Oil life is doubled with the use of a filter, and because the filter’s price is less than that of the oil saved, the FriPura filter doesn’t actually cost anything to the business. On top of that, when you consider just how much cooking oil businesses go through every day, the additional money saved is staggering. It may only be a small product, but it has a huge economic impact; helping restaurateurs save money and consumers reduce their fat and calorie intake.”

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