Fryer device transforms waste oil into profit for operators

Frontline Smart Oil Management system

FEM has launched a new Smart Oil Management system into the UK that it claims is safer, increases oil yield and turns waste oil into profit.

The system, developed in the US by Frontline International, eliminates the need for staff to handle oil, allowing operators to fill and empty fryers at the push of a button.

The brand insists the new device increases oil yield by 10% versus previous versions, while internet connectivity means it can be managed remotely if needed.

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Frontline’s EZ Oil is the part of Smart Oil Management that makes filling fryers easy. It features a space-saving rack where boxed oil is stored. These boxes are connected to a pump system which fills the fryers when required.

For waste oil handling, Frontline offers a choice of indoor or outdoor tanks. When oil needs changing, staff simply push the button and the waste oil is pumped into the tank. Unlike some waste systems, these tanks don’t need to be hidden as their modern stainless steel exterior means they can be sited anywhere.

An optional web-based software package connects the system to the internet, giving managers a remote dashboard where they can monitor oil usage, standardise filtration, schedule waste oil pick-ups and measure diagnostics.

“The Frontline system is a smarter way to manage oil,” says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM. “It eliminates the slip and burn hazards associated with oil handling, while reducing costs and increasing profits. Although Frontline is new in the UK, it’s well established in the USA. There are 26,000 installations around the world, with users ranging from independents to major chains.”

The cost for a complete Smart Oil Management system starts at around £9,980. The estimated ROI is around 12 to 18 months.

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