Frymaster unleashes new equipment line

Frymaster FilterQuick Electric

Manitowoc brand Frymaster has beefed up its portfolio with the launch of a new fryer featuring auto filtration and integrated oil quality sensor.

The FilterQuick is the latest addition to Frymaster’s growing family of oil-conserving fryers and, according to the brand, uses 40% less oil and 10% less energy than previous models.

The fully-automatic filtration system ensures that oil quality is maintained to a premium standard by filtering out impurities from the oil as required. Oil is filtered down to 10 microns, to retain the Total Polar Materials (TPM) below the recommended level.

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Meanwhile, the state of the art optional in-built oil quality sensor is available to help operators gauge the quality of the oil in the frypot and to measure the oil’s total polar material contaminants, before advising when the oil needs to be changed.

This, combined with the SMART4U technology, such as the Oil Attendant, which automatically replenishes oil from an in-cabinet oil supply, helps control food and oil quality, oil life and equipment performance.

Steve Hemsil, national sales manager distribution for UK & Ireland at Manitowoc Foodservice, says that knowing when to discard oil is one of the biggest dilemmas for our customers.

“The innovative integrated oil quality sensor eliminates the guesswork and supports more healthy and profitable frying operations. As operators are pressured to do more with less, FilterQuick’s ability to cook the equivalent of 50lb loads in 30lbs of oil helps to reduce oil costs, labour time and safeguard workers whilst having the same excellent output as other, less efficient models.”

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