Genting’s quick-service restaurant transforms kitchen with Ovention install

The World Bar, Genting Resort World, Birmingham

Genting’s Resort World in Birmingham has turned to one of the newest and most unique ovens on the market to bolster its foodservice operations at a complex where it operates no fewer than seven kitchens.

The World Bar, which is based at the venue, has brought in an Ovention precision impingement oven from Gamble Foodservice Solutions to assist with the delivery of up to 4,000 covers a week, depending upon the functions taking place at the NEC.

Some 60% of the meals served at the 100-seater quick service restaurant are cooked on the Ovention oven. It is used for a range of meals, but is particularly important for cooking its freshly prepared pizzas as the constant cooking temperature ensures the pizza bases are consistently crisp and never burnt.

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The menu also includes burgers, pies, hot dogs, nachos and spicy croquettes.

The specification of the Ovention oven was influenced by the specific requirements of The World Bar’s kitchen, as distributor YCE Catering Equipment’s head of business development, Nick Brassett, explains: “Menu flexibility, consistent food quality, efficiency of foodservice and optimum use of limited floor space were some of the many driving factors in the design of this kitchen. The compact footprint of the Ovention oven, together with its impingement technology and speed of cooking made it the ideal solution for this foodservice outlet.”

The Ovention oven uses precision impingement technology, delivering over twice the volume of hot air and better air concentration than conventional conveyor ovens.

Food is loaded automatically at the tap of a touchpad, allowing the preloading of one batch, whilst the other is cooking.

The controller can accommodate up to 1000 pre-programmed settings, each with three stages and two events, providing optimum management of cooking time and temperature for every menu item. There is also an automatic unload function to prevent overcooking.

Multiple catalysts break down grease into moist hot air, which is used in the cooking process, for improved quality and healthier food. The catalysts also facilitate ventless cooking, eliminating the need for extraction systems.

Resort World’s executive chef, Stephen White, said: “The Ovention oven permits fully automatic cooking of two pizzas in less than six minutes, freeing up kitchen staff to get on with other food preparation duties. It is like having another chef in the kitchen.”

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