General Catering brings Jimco equipment to the UK to keep hospitality businesses safe

Kitchen Pollution Control (KPC) system

General Catering has formed a partnership with Jimco that will see its unique air purification and UV disinfection equipment offered in the UK.

The Doncaster-based outfit, which is a supplier of major foodservice equipment brands, sees Jimco’s patented environmentally-friendly disinfection technology and air purification systems as the ideal solution for the challenges that operators are facing.

“Jimco has been developing its ozone and UV-C technology over almost 30 years for the foodservice and food production industry, and as one of the market leaders there is a clear opportunity to make the UK market aware of the equipment that is available,” explained managing director Amjad Alikhan.

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Mr Alikhan said he was by struck by how effective the technology is and the simplicity of deploying it in a hospitality environment.

“Jimco’s technology is at the forefront of using ozone and UV-C to reduce harmful particles from the air and surface as well as odour and grease control. With its broad range of products, it can purify air and sanitise surfaces to ensure a much safer hygienic environment in areas frequented by the public, employees and guests.

“In addition, the UV technology has proven to be very effective in reducing the need for cleaning in extraction systems and, as a result, improving the longevity of fans and removing potential hazard.”

General Catering is now looking for strategic partnerships with installers in order to provide its customers with an efficient and timely service.

“The systems vary in their install requirements from simply plug and play to the need for an engineer. But once it is installed, operators can just sit back and enjoy the results.”

While the systems offer huge benefit to hospitality and food production businesses that need to ensure hygienic operation, there has been demand from the dental and medical sectors as well, Mr Alikhan said.

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