Refrigeration maker Gram awarded Smart Label ahead of HOST


The latest addition to Gram’s refrigeration range, the Superiorplus 72, has been recognised for its revolutionary design and ground-breaking technology, after being awarded the HOST 2015 SMART Label.

The SMART Label award recognises innovation in technology, functionality and sustainability. In order to achieve the accolade, companies are judged based on three key criteria: the efficiency of functions, the effectiveness of the product’s performance and product innovation.

Demonstrating both innovation and efficiency, the Superiorplus 72 is the end result of research & development and extensive market research, inspired by the establishment of the Minimum Energy Performance and Ecodesign process from European regulators.

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Improvements to technology and design mean that the Superiorplus 72 is 44% more energy efficient than its ‘best in class’ Plus 600 (Generation 4) predecessor, says Gram.

The Superiorplus 72 has also been recognised by Topten, which has identified that energy use and running costs have decreased massively from 509kWh year to 285kWh, meaning the average operator can expect to spend only £28.50 per year on the Superiorplus 72.

In addition to the decreased running costs, Gram uses hydrocarbon gas only meaning the Superiorplus 72 has a Global Warming Potential of just three and zero Ozone Depletion Potential compared with more damaging HFC’s.

After receiving the acknowledgement, the Superiorplus 72 will become part of the set of ‘SMART Products” being showcased at HOST 2015.

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