‘Discreet’ induction hob keeps the magic hidden from customers

Adventys Induc Stone

Grande Cuisine has launched the Adventys Induc Stone induction hob which heats induction-friendly holding equipment during service, while discreetly hidden from view beneath the worksurface.

The ‘Induc Stone’ unit can be placed beneath granite, marble, natural or mixed stone, with no cutting required, turning an attractive worksurface into a functional hot buffet counter. The unit can be used to keep holding equipment such as chafing dishes warm, eliminating the need for traditional fuel tins.

Like all induction units, the Induc Stone operates only when in contact with a suitable vessel, making it economical to use, with none of the uncomfortable heat  that can be generated with other methods. Food is kept at a constant temperature for as long as required, with no risk of burning.

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The Adventys induction technology ensures that the worksurface does not exceed 55°C, eliminating any danger of customers burning themselves when using the buffet counter.

The unit comes with a control panel that can be set into the worksurface or placed within a frame. The panel can be locked, and incorporates a timer that operates between one and 99 minutes.

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