Grande Cuisine introduces problem solving electric chargrill


One of the leading UK suppliers of professional cooking appliances, Grande Cuisine, has delivered an electric chargrill.

The supplier introduced the new equipment claiming the Capic electric chargrill can be “easier to operate and clean” than its gas-powered counterparts.

The Capic model, is 400mm wide and is an option in the 700, 800 and 900 Series product range.

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It has an element that is incorporated into the cast iron cooking plate, ensuring rapid heating, reduced heat up times and quick recovery.

The cooking plate is set above a tray that can be used as a water bath to maintain humidity and succulence during cooking. The steam beneath the plate will also help with the cleaning process at the end of cooking by loosening dirt and grease.

When not being used as a water bath, the base tray acts as a flare plate to enhance the dry grilling of the food.

Gas counterparts can be prone to issues with blocked pilot lights and gas burners caused by food debris. The electric chargrill cook plate is hinged, allowing it to be raised for easy cleaning, maintenance and service.

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