Guess which restaurant chain Brits have missed most during lockdown?

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Restaurants and fast food chains officially closed their doors to the public on 20 March. Since then, the public has been left with some serious cravings for their favourite meals from the household industry names we all know.

With many brands sharing their top-secret recipes so that customers could recreate dishes at home, domestic kitchen design firm Magnet has analysed social media activity over the last two months to find out which brands consumers have missed the most.

Using social listening tools, RivaliQ and Brandwatch, between March 1 and May 11, it examined the engagement and sentiment for a total of 233 recipe-related social posts across seven popular UK restaurants and fast food outlets.

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Using this data, it was able to determine the most talked about, most well-received and most longed for famous recipes.

The most-missed restaurants

While Pret and Greggs have seen impressive engagement on their recipe posts, it’s Nando’s which takes top spot for the most missed recipes.

The South African restaurant chain may have only released a handful of recipes from its popular menu, but Brits are clearly longing to get back in its restaurants, with a total engagement of 49,356 across just 8 posts.

Elsewhere, the Asian-inspired cuisine of Wagamama is also widely missed after notching up a total engagement of 199,390.

Over the last 11 weeks, Wagamama has released recipes for nine of its best-sellers, including katsu curry, bao buns and chill chicken ramen.

There has been a growing demand for McDonald’s to re-open its drive-thrus since lockdown began.

However, the release of its Sausage and Egg McMuffin and Hash Brown recipes failed to stir up excitement, with a total engagement of 3,793 and just 503 people sharing the posts with their own followers.

The most talked-about restaurants

Using Brandwatch, Magnet analysed the Twitter reaction to each of the recipes in order to understand which chains had seen the highest response rate, including at-home recreations, and the sentiment behind those posts.

Its analysis revealed Subway was the most talked-about restaurant brand, perhaps due to its relatively simple sandwich-based recipes. Overall, the fast-food chain saw a strong uptake in user-submitted recipe responses, with a total of 1,453 people engaging.

However, its neutral sentiment percentage of 98% suggests people weren’t blown away by the recipes and results themselves.

Greggs and Wagamama’s recipes were seemingly well-received by Twitter users, with the restaurants earning positive sentiment scores of 28% and 26% respectively.

It was, however, the recipes released by Pret that have been most well-received, with the sandwich and coffee shop seeing 68% positive sentiment across its recipe-related posts.

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