Half of chefs wish the equipment in their kitchens was better

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Half of kitchen workers have told a survey by BRITA Professional that they need more reliable equipment to run a practical and efficient kitchen.

They say that better infrastructure within their kitchen would also help to remove stress from their jobs.

Compared with research conducted in 2018 – and taking the implications of Covid-19 out of the equation – kitchen stress has increased, with 81% of professionals admitting to feeling stressed in 2020, an increase of 11% versus 2018.

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Unreliable equipment remains a longstanding issue and a significant contributor to stress levels in many kitchens, according to Brita.

Two thirds (62%) of respondents claim they are forced to deal with equipment breakdowns on a fortnightly basis.

If factors contributing to pressure in the kitchen are lowered, one in five kitchen staff believes they would have more time to focus on their passions, such as practicing new cooking techniques, and therefore helping to reduce stress levels.

Brita asked hospitality workers to create a wish list of how they’d like to save time in the kitchen. The time saving wish list highlights that:

– 39% want more robust equipment cleaning schedules.

– 33% would like a preventative maintenance schedule to reduce equipment breakdowns.

– 25% want an external maintenance service team to check equipment is always in tip-top condition.

The research results are available in a new BRITA Professional toolkit, At Boiling Point: How to beat stress and achieve optimum kitchen efficiency, which offers vital tips on how to ‘filter out’ inefficiency and stress, as well as save time, money and the planet in 2021.

Sarah Taylor, managing director of Brita UK, said: “The importance of equipment efficiency, to save time and reduce stress, is more essential than ever.”

The report can be accessed HERE.

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