Hatco makes first move on UK induction cooking market

Edward Nunn, business development manager, Hatco & Scott Taylor, business development manager, Gamble Foodservice Solutions

US foodservice equipment giant Hatco’s induction cooking equipment is now available in the UK market for the first time courtesy of distributor Gamble Foodservice Solutions.

Hatco’s business development manager, Edward Nunn, flew into London this week to help oversee the official launch of the units at Hotelympia.

The Rapide Cuisine countertop induction range has a contemporary low-profile design that is built to handle the rigours and performance of commercial kitchens.

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Mr Nunn said that the product’s pre-set programming capabilities and high-resolution TFT display screen set it apart in a professional induction market that is becoming increasingly competitive.

“The pre-set program mode is especially good for chains,” he told FEJ. “It is like having another pair of hands in the kitchen because you can go and do something else and when it reaches the end of the cycle it will switch to a holding temperature and alert you with a beep if you are the other side of the kitchen.”

The temperature of the models can be set in centigrade and Fahrenheit, with the colour screen displaying the power or temperate and the time. Alternatively, a standard operating mode means that chefs can cook using a percentage scale of zero to 100%.

“It has a fully sealed top with conformal-coated boards so it is truly designed for commercial foodservice usage and it contains four temperature sensors, which is new for the market, and an optional food probe as well, which gives you even more accuracy and control over what’s going on in the pan.”

The Rapide Cuisine range is only available as a single countertop or built-in model at the moment, but that will change shortly. “Round about May time I would say we’ll have a double countertop unit as well,” revealed Mr Nunn.

Meanwhile, Gamble also launched the Hatco TQ3-500 conveyor toaster this week, which is available in black, red or stainless. The patent-pending unit stands out for its eye-catching design and business development manager, Scott Taylor, expects it to be a hit with a range of end-users.

“It is a nicer looking unit than most, but the interesting thing is the touchscreen on it. You can have 12 different menu items for toasting, and you can adjust your top heat, bottom heat and the time of the belt. You can also change the picture on there to suit different products, while customers who are using it that want their bred slightly more toasted or less toasted can do it at the touch of a button.”

The TQ3500, which boasts an automatic power-saving mode that sends it into hibernation when the unit is not in use for a while, is capable of producing 500 slices of bread an hour. Its sister TQ3-900 model does 900 slices.

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