Hendi Digital Blender with Noise Cover

Hendi Digital Blender with Noise Cover

The Hendi digital blender can be used to prepare a wide range of products including fruits, vegetables, cocktails, smoothies, desserts and even crushed ice.

The unit comes with a detachable 2.5-litre break-resistant polycarbonate jug that can withstand temperatures of -40˚C up to 90˚C, a firm lid made from PBT and a small polycarbonate lid cover.

The noise cover is also manufactured from polycarbonate and ensures quieter operation. For added safety, the blender will only work when the cover is completely closed.

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In addition to a digital control panel which has touch controls for three power settings, three time settings and a pulse function, the unit comes with a titanium coated, replaceable stainless steel knife which can be driven from 8350 RPM up to 24800 RPM, without load.

Ideal for: Given that it will happily prepare fruit and vegetables, crush ice and mix drinks, the Hendi digital blender is suitable for a wide range of applications. Pubs and bars could use it for preparing cocktails, while a sandwich or snack bar could rely on it to produce smoothies and milkshakes time and time again.

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