Hilton insists the catering equipment conversation isn’t only about price

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One of the senior chiefs at Hilton’s European procurement arm insists the organisation is not motivated solely by price and will make the decision to work with catering equipment suppliers based upon the value they can offer.

Hilton Supply Management, which influences £4.5 billion of global hospitality product spend through Hilton-flagged properties and independent hotel operations, recently created a dedicated resource focused on catering equipment provision and kitchen project management.

Procurement organisations are looked upon in some quarters as vehicles that exist purely to drive down the price of goods, but at the recent CESA Conference, senior director, category management EMEA, Andy Earley, set out his position on the matter.

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He said: “We look to leverage our spend globally — it is not rocket science, we are a procurement function. We look at the volumes, we look at where we can affect change and influence our spend. We want to spend smart and we want to spend together, so we work with our partners to innovate.”

He stressed to delegates that price wasn’t the only conversation it seeks to have with suppliers: “You knock on the door of a hotel and I am sure you speak to chefs every day, and they will hammer you on price. We are looking to generate a bit more value around the supply chain solution. It is about quality, it is about service, it is about innovation.

“We to look to partner with leaders and, just to caveat that point, partnering with leaders is great, but I would also love to partner with more new companies or start-ups to understand how they can affect change in our organisation.”

HSM supplies more than 200 hotels in the UK and is present in more than 100 countries around the world where Hilton operates.

Hilton procurement arm doubles down on catering equipment supply

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