Pizza Hut contracts Hobart to build ‘bullet-proof’ warewasher for 270 sites

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Hobart UK has been working in partnership with high-street food service chain Pizza Hut to build a bespoke ‘bullet-proof’ machine able to stand up to the rigours of all-day dining.

The manufacturer has created a version of its AUPRS-10A hood-type machine which is used throughout Pizza Hut’s 273-strong portfolio of sites. The appliance matches the pace of service, fulfilling its warewashing requirements.

Pizza Hut UK’s property manager, Malcolm Merry, said that the 10-year relationship between the manufacturer and food giant meant that there was a clear understanding of what was required to create a machine that perfectly meets its day-to-day challenges.

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Merry said: “A lot of the ingredients we use; cheese or shredded vegetables for instance, can make for a lot of waste going into the machine, however, with Hobart’s permanent-clean filter system you don’t have to change the water, regardless of the condition of crockery or cutlery, it always cleans perfectly.”

Hobart’s filter system directly pumps all the soil carried into the machine out of the dishwasher, meaning dirty plates can be stacked directly in the rack. The more fine and coarse soil carried into the dishwasher, the dirtier the wash water gets. In the past this would mean the water needed emptying and refilling several times a day.

Permanent-clean removes this need at a stroke, transporting all residue away from the dishwasher and saving some £600 per year in water, energy and detergent costs.

Another R&D development made in partnership was the creation of a bespoke heat recovery unit. For maximum efficiency Hobart’s machine uses the energy from the hot drain water, reducing energy consumption by some 35%. The type of food soil collected was blocking the machine’s coil resulting in an extra load on the element.

Merry added: “CSR is incredibly important to Pizza Hut, so making sure the machines are as efficient as possible is key. This meant that bypassing the heat recovery unit was a no, no – Hobart was able to develop a bespoke solution which is simply brilliant.”

Tim Bender, sales director at Hobart Warewashing UK, said: “Hobart prides itself on regular communications and close working relationships with end users, ensuring that our machines are up to the many challenges they face on a daily basis. We’re delighted to be working one of the world’s most iconic chains, to develop a machine that keeps its service ticking while helping to meet its stringent CSR aspirations.”

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