Hobart’s wonder washer hits UK shores after four years in the lab

Hobart’s Two Level Washer

A new ‘ground-breaking’ Hobart dishwasher that has been four years in the making is now available in the UK – and the brand is offering £500 off for early-bird buyers.

The Two-Level Washer is unique for the fact that features an additional washing chamber, which helps provide improvements in time, energy, water and space saving versus existing machines.

Earlier this year it received a rousing reception from foodservice design consultants when it was unveiled in Germany.

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With space at a premium in modern kitchens, Hobart’s sales director Tim Bender said the two wash chambers offer the ultimate in flexibility by effectively doubling machine capacity.

He added that Hobart has invested a huge amount of research into the project, making it the most significant product roll-out for the brand in 10 years.

“Some four years in research and development, the Two-Level Washer demonstrates Hobart’s superior innovation prowess in action. The machine is not only the decade’s most important launch, it represents the future of warewashing – the very embodiment of doing more with less.”

Hobart said the machine would provide operators with extra capacity during occasions when it is most needed.

At peak times, for instance, a utensil wash programme can take care of heavily soiled pots, pans and cutlery in the lower compartment, while up to three racks of dishes can be washed on a separate programme in the upper level.

A specially-designed utensil wash programme also eliminates the requirement for manual pre-treatment of heavily soiled ware in a separate sink, the space for which is often not available in smaller sites.

Although the machine’s capacity is up to double that of a conventional hood-type, the company insists that water and detergent usage remains the same.

The Two-Level Washer’s water consumption is monitored constantly via Hobart’s SENSO-ACTIVE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT function.

When increased levels of soil are detected, water levels are increased, helping to reduce operating costs by 20% when compared to a conventional machine.

To mark the launch, Hobart is offering end-users £500 cash back on the purchase price of the new machine for a limited period.

The Two-Level Washer is also available on a 12-month or 24-month interest-free finance deal.

End-user sites are asked to speak to the manufacturer or their local Hobart distributor for further details.

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