Hollywood actor’s lawyers force London burger name change

Lucky Chip burger

A restaurant in north London has been forced to change the name of a burger named after Mark Wahlberg burger following a letter from the actor’s legal representatives.

Lucky Chip in Islington introduced the meal, which is made using 35 day aged Long-horn beef and braised short rib, earlier this month and named it after the Ted star.

It was one of a series of creations in honour of American pop culture icons including the Beastie Boys and Kevin Bacon.

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But, according to the Evening Standard, word reached Wahlberg, who co-owns a restaurant in the US called Wahlburgers, and a ‘cease and desist’ letter arrived from his lawyers a few days later.

The letter thanked the restaurant for wanting to “honour” the actor, but said it was competing with his brand and giving the false impression he endorsed their product.

Founder Ben Denner told the paper: “We named it after him because I’m just a big fan, I think he’s a great dude. I’m a fan of a lot of his movies. When I saw the email I opened it and thought at first it was a joke. I was a bit surprised to be honest. Fair enough if we were in America trying to compete with his brand, I could understand that, but we’re a small company and it’s quite fun and laidback. I don’t think we’ve disrespected him in any way. Personally, I would have thought he’d be happy.”

The dish has now been rebranded the Dirk Diggler, in honour of Wahlberg’s character in the film Boogie Nights.

Denner added: “There are no hard feelings from my end. I hope he comes in for lunch one day.”

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