Hollywood comes calling for catering equipment duo

Burnt movie

Two well-known catering equipment manufacturers are eagerly awaiting the latest blockbuster to come out of Hollywood — after it emerged their kit was used in the making of a film.

Equipment from both warewashing manufacturer Winterhalter and refrigeration brand Precision is set to be featured in the movie ‘Burnt’, which follows the fortunes of a Michelin starred chef played by Bradley Cooper.

For authenticity, the producers wanted appliances used in genuine restaurants, leading them to call on the pair for equipment.

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“The film set looks great, it’s all about accuracy in terms of how a top commercial kitchen works,” said Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter UK. “I’m pleased to say stardom hasn’t turned the heads of our dishwashers and glasswashers — they’re still the hardworking, reliable workhorses they were before Hollywood came calling!”

Precision’s managing director Nick Williams confirmed that it, too, had provided kit to the filmmakers.

“We supplied counters, uprights and even a blast chiller,” he said. “Judging by the trailer, I’m pleased to say several of them made it past the cutting room floor!”

Leading chef Marcus Wareing acted as consultant on the film, which is due to open in cinemas next month.

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