Hoshizaki cuts cycle times for operators demanding vast quantities of ice


Hoshizaki is poised to expand its ice machine portfolio with the launch of the ‘KM Edge’ – a range of systems that produce more ice, use less energy and cycle up to half as many times as other models.

The series has been specifically created to meet the needs of facilities with a high demand for ice makers by producing a vast quantity of ice in a highly sustainable and efficient way.

Hotels, stadiums and restaurants are all target markets for the range, which features a unique ‘CycleSaver’ system that allows for the same quantity of ice in approximately half as many cycles, delivering “significant” energy savings for operators.

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The reduction in cycles helps to preserve the life of the machine, minimising any possible maintenance requirements.

To further enhance efficiency and maintenance, Hoshizaki has also introduced an EverCheck control board with audible alarm and diagnostics to the new units, allowing service technicians to diagnose problems with ease.

Producing consistently sized crescent shaped ice cubes, the KM edge proves ideal for larger facilities looking for a versatile ice solution.

In particular, the slender, curved shape of the crescent ice cube will appeal to facilities that offer bottles such as champagne, on ice, with the slender, curved shape of the crescent cube allowing bottles to easily sit amongst the ice in the bucket.

The unique shape of this ice makes for an aesthetic addition to a wide variety of drinks, whilst the crescent shape can also be easily blended in comparison to a standard square cube.

Finally, the crescent shaped cube also allows the KM edge’s ice bin storage to be optimised, allowing a higher volume of ice cubes to be stored.

Roz Scourfield, national sales manager at Hoshizaki UK, said: “The new KM Edge ice machine has been designed to deliver the very highest of ice standards on an increased output that is required by the busiest of sites.

Suited to a wide range of facilities with significant demand for ice, including hotels, stadiums and restaurants, the new KM Edge models allows operators increased flexibility and productivity thanks to its distinctive double surface design and crescent shaped cubes.

The price for the Hoshizaki KM Edge range starts from £1,690 plus VAT.

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