Hoshizaki expands range of budget refrigeration for caterers

Hoshizaki stand at Casual Dining Show 2017

Hoshizaki has announced availability of the Snowflake GII, a new line of affordable refrigeration equipment for budget-conscious caterers.

A prototype of the equipment, which is a second generation range of its popular Gram Snowflake line, was first spotted by FEJ at the Great Hospitality Show earlier this year.

Hoshizaki bosses said the emphasis of the kit is on “reliability, durability and affordability” and means that operators can get hold of quality refrigeration without paying through the nose.

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The range is available as cabinets with reversible doors, which can be opened on either the left or right, as well as counters, which provide valuable prep space for those working within confined spaces.

Removable door gaskets, easy to clean interiors with anti-tilting function and cleaning free extractable condensers are designed to reduce maintenance costs and offer a stable performance.

Hoshizaki UK’s director of field sales and national accounts, Simon Frost, said: “A great deal of insight and research has led to the production of this quality, durable and affordable range, allowing Hoshizaki to maintain its reputation for quality and innovative design, while further enhancing its position as a leader in the refrigeration market. The Snowflake GII is an illustration of Hoshizaki’s commitment to bring to market ground-breaking technology and best in class products.”

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