Hoshizaki lays claims to biggest machine-made ice cubes in the world

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Hoshizaki has laid claim to being able to produce the largest machine-made cubes in the world courtesy of its IM-65NE-LM ice maker.

Measuring a massive 48 x 48 x 58mm, the cubes make a dramatic statement in any drink served in any glass large enough to accommodate them – typically a highball or rocks glass.

Apart from their size, Hoshizaki said the cubes boast immense visual impact and melt very slowly, ensuring maximum cooling power with minimum dilution. It insist they achieve an effect that can only be replicated by hand sawing or chiselling a block of ice.

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The IM-65NE-LM utilises a closed cell ice making system that has an automatic rinse and flush cycle. This means that, after every new batch of ice, the water reservoir will drain, rinse and then refill with fresh water.Hoshizaki ice maker

Importantly, each cube is made individually by a dedicated jet spray to ensure the highest possible ice quality.

The easy to clean storage bin has high density foam injected insulation to slow down the ice melting, while a gasket on the insulated door ensures the tightest possible fit to prevent particles entering the storage bin that could contaminate the ice.

The IM-65NE-LM produces approximately 40kgs ice per 24 hours and has a storage capacity of 26kgs.

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