HOT-HOLDING HEROES: Increase sales and reduce wastage with these kitchen innovations

Thermodyne hot-holding

The right hot-holding solution can completely transform a foodservice operation, allowing businesses to increase sales opportunities, maximise product and reduce wastage. FEJ takes a tour of some of the different hot-holding solutions available on the market today and looks at how they can benefit operators.


Flexeserve Solution is British manufacturer Flexeserve’s holistic approach to achieving optimum hot-holding results. Whilst the company is a manufacturer of industry-leading hot-holding equipment, it’s the all-encompassing service that it wraps around its technology that it believes sets it apart in the market place.

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Flexeserve Solution combines its unique technology with four other key elements: product, cook method, packaging and in-store service. It refines everything from the recipe and temperature regimes to cook processes and packaging, maintaining the highest food quality for unrivalled hold times, maximising shelf life and minimising waste.

With its hot-holding expertise, Flexeserve helps customers solve problems and create opportunities. It help develop new products and even whole new menus that inspire consumers. The company’s expertise also reduces dependence on single-use plastics and significantly increases food security.

This service is particularly useful during the challenges currently facing the market. With some of its customers lacking certain resources, it can provide the support needed to keep things moving. In addition to this, it also helps deliver solutions to make their foodservice operations more Covid-secure.

The biggest benefit of Flexeserve Solution is that it is completely tailored to the needs of any of its customers, using its team’s expertise in food preparation, hot-holding, menu development and packaging at its state-of-the-art Foodservice Innovation Centre. It establishes customers’ objectives and aspirations for hot food-to-go and then finds the best way of achieving them — as well as identifying additional opportunities along the way.

Ideal for…

Flexeserve’s offering is designed for a broad range of businesses serving hot food-to-go — as well as an array of foodservice challenges. Its solution is a revolution for the operations of businesses in convenience store retailing, food delivery, pick-up, supermarket rotisserie, contract catering, cafés and quick-serve.

Numbers game…

50%: The increase in sales of some items that one operator recorded from using a Flexeserve solution to broaden its hot food range.

4: The number of hours that Flexeserve has succeeded in raising hold times of its customers’ products to without compromising food quality.


The Evereo from Unox is a unique innovation which has redefined the concept of hot-holding. Acting as a ‘hot fridge’, Evereo uses patented technology to maintain food safely at the temperature at which it is served and eaten, and above the danger zone for bacterial growth for days or even weeks.

With an advanced control panel for ease of operation, Evereo works to produce dishes with the quality of slow-cooked food, but with the speed of fast service, eliminating long waits for customers.

Food can be cooked and held without the traditional, energy-intensive process of blast chilling, cold storage and regeneration, which not only saves energy, but also removes the guesswork to help reduce food waste. It means caterers can produce quality dishes with no waiting time, even where kitchen space is limited, by cooking dishes in one kitchen, before preserving and serving from another location.

Available in five different sizes to suit all operational requirements, each model can be mounted on wheels and only requires a 13 amp, three-pin plug supply. This means that they can be used to transport and hold food items for extended periods.

Ideal for…

Evereo addresses challenges for a broad range of catering outlets, from pubs and restaurants, to retail catering, contract catering, cost sector and QSR. It is particularly useful where kitchen space is limited — giving operators the opportunity to cook and hold dishes, freeing up oven space for other items.

Numbers game…

10 x 1/1 GN: Maximum capacity (portrait, landscape loading and undercounter or countertop mounting).

£1: Cost of running the Evereo for a 12-hour period.


The Moduline range of static holding cabinets and drawers, which are available through Jestic in the UK, is characterised by low energy consumption with a wire heating element wrapped around the cavity and electronically controlled with precision to hold the humidity contained in food without drying it, unlike ventilated holding systems.

Moduline hot holding cabinets and drawers incorporate advanced technology that works to ensure an even and stable temperature from +30°C to +120°C accurately calibrated to be gentle on the food, safeguarding flavours and fragrance — so it looks and tastes like it has just been cooked.

An intuitive control panel offers easy access to all functions and settings, making it easy to use by less skilled staff. In addition, the new Multi-Temp Holding Drawer models HSW212E and HSW313E offer independent temperature controls in double and triple drawer units.

All models include high performance insulating materials and features like ergonomic and fully built-in door and drawer handles with magnetic closure and long-lasting high heat-resistant silicon seals that ensure lower heat dispersion and energy efficient performance.

Moduline hot-holding appliances can also be stacked to maximise space in the kitchen. The three models in the Moduline hot-holding cabinets range HSH031E, HSH051E and HSH052E can hold either three, five or 10 GN 1/1 trays and include reversible doors.

Ideal for…

Moduline hot holding cabinets and drawers have proved very popular with a wide variety of foodservice operators from QSRs to fine dining restaurants, and have helped operators running home delivery services to improve efficiency, reduce wastage and ensure consistency.

Numbers game…

450mm: The width of the most compact drawer model in the range.

+30°C to +120°C: Flexible holding temperature range of units, which include removable GN 1/1 trays.


Alto-Shaam heated holding cabinets use a special controlled, uniform heating system called Halo Heat Technology. Halo Heat gently surrounds the food and heats and holds it at the ideal serving temperature, preventing it from drying out and so retaining the food’s maximum quality, flavour and appearance without the use of extremely hot elements, added humidity or fans.

Halo Heat also prolongs the holding time of the food, meaning food can be prepared further in advance, subject to food safety requirements, and still be delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

An on/off, adjustable thermostat and temperature gauge ensures precise control over the cabinet’s internal temperature. Straightforward, push-button manual control, digital display and intuitive design make for easy operation and reduce the need for staff training.

Ideal for…

As well as their traditional use in large-scale catering and banqueting functions, they are also increasingly valuable for a diverse range of operators including on-the-go and fast food. The units allow caterers to pre-prepare large amounts of food, helping to reduce wait times and provide a more diverse menu to be served by fewer staff.

Numbers game…

16° to 93°C: The adjustable thermostat range of each unit.

18kg-174kg: The units are available in a range of different capacities and fully compatible with 1/1GN pans.


The Thermodyne 1200DW cabinet uses patented Fluid Shelf technology to provide precision hot-holding capabilities for a wide range of foodservice operations.

The transfer fluid is heated remotely before being circulated through individual shelves across the cabinet, allowing heat to be uniformly transferred to the food through a conduction process (contact), rather than a convection process (where heated air is circulated around the food).

The result is that varying types of food can be held at precise temperatures for extended periods of time, increasing efficiencies in the kitchen and maximising food yields. Food is never exposed to extreme temperatures, ensuring that the quality of it is never compromised. The Thermodyne 1200DW has doored access from both sides, making it a true pass-through kitchen solution.

Ideal for…

The versatility of the Thermodyne 1200DW makes it ideal for busy kitchens that want to keep their staff socially distanced, while meeting peak service windows. It will also suit any operator that is looking to making a delivery platform a vital part of their kitchen.

Numbers game…

5: The number of shelves that can accommodate 10 GN 1/1 Gastronorm trays (two on each shelf), maximising the capacity of the unit.

£1: The daily energy cost of the Thermodyne 1200DW, which only requires a conventional 3-pin, 13amp plug to operate.


The Henny Penny Smarthold HHC-990 hot-holding cabinet creates and maintains ideal conditions for holding a wide variety of hot foods over extended periods of time prior to serving. The Smarthold patented automatic humidity control system links water pan heat, fans and ventilation.

Longer holding times give operators the ability to cook in larger quantities during off-peak hours and still serve delicious foods that look and taste like they were freshly prepared. Some items, such as slow-cooked ribs, can even be held overnight, a process that actually improves the flavour and further tenderises the meat.

Ideal for…

The Smarthold HHC 990 is ideal for operators including fast food outlets, QSRs and fine dining restaurants looking to hold a wide variety of hot foods for extended periods to improve productivity.

Numbers game…

15: The number of full-size sheet pans it can hold. The Smarthold measures 628mm wide x 806mm deep x 1835mm tall. A choice of 5 or 15 countdown timers lets users time up to 15 shelves separately.

10%-90%: The patented closed loop humidity control of the Smarthold HHC 990 maintains any humidity level between these amounts.


The Lincat Seal merchandisers measure only 400mm and 500mm and are ideal for all sorts of pre-cooked hot foods, including pizzas, pies and sausage rolls.

The merchandisers use a convected hot air system which ensures food is not only safe but also kept in prime condition for up to four hours at the right temperature with accurate +/-1°C electronic control.

The four-hour holding window reduces waste and a hot air ‘curtain’ at the front minimises heat loss and maximises energy efficiency. Food is displayed on four easy-to-remove tilted shelves within the two compartments. Lighting provides a bright interior to ensure food is visually appealing to the customer.

Ideal for…

The merchandisers are ideal for use in businesses with limited counter space such as cafes, supermarkets, forecourts and convenience stores offering hot food to generate additional revenue.

Numbers game…

16: The quantity of pies, pastries or sausage rolls per compartment that the units will hold.

16: The number of slices of pizza that the HAD units will hold with the optional pizza shelf inserts.

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