Hotel giant IHG sees instant payback from beverage equipment roll-out

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InterContinental Hotels Group is kitting out dozens of its properties with filtered water equipment to boost its environmental credentials and significantly slash its overheads.

The company plans to introduce filtered water systems to its estate of 334 hotels and resorts in the UK and Ireland in a move aimed at minimising the environmental damage caused by the creation, transportation and disposal of glass and plastic bottles.

After extensive trials, it chose EcoPure Waters as its preferred supplier of the systems and equipment that allows operators to serve filtered chilled water, still and sparkling, in reusable branded glass bottles.

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A trial of 25 Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels by third party hotel management company Interstate Hotels & Resorts found the business would be able to save thousands of pounds by implementing in-house filtered water equipment.

Holiday Inn London Bexley had filled the equivalent of 33,700 750ml bottles after a 12-month period. These are bottles that no longer have to be bought-in, stored and disposed of, and which would have cost £15,165 at £0.45 per bottle, the company said.

Interstate claims the trials show that with negligible running costs – apart from a small monthly care and maintenance package – the ongoing costs per litre are tiny and the capital cost of the system and original stock can be paid back in less than three and a half months.

Kerrie Page, director of operations support Europe at IHG, said: “EcoPure Waters’ equipment has been piloted successfully at several hotels. They provide high quality equipment, good customer service and the six-monthly maintenance required to adhere to IHG’s brand standards. EcoPure also provided the most commercially attractive offer we could find in the UK and Ireland.

“Having seen the success of introducing pure filtered water in branded bottles for meetings, breakfast, fitness centre and energy stations, we’re soon hoping to add guest rooms into the brand standard. This whole initiative helps IHG to attract corporate and individual customers for whom responsible business is important.”

IHG said that switching from mineral water to filtered water with reusable glass bottles will have a big impact on its carbon footprint, as a significant amount of energy is used in creating and transporting glass and plastic mineral water bottles.

A typical Crowne Plaza hotel can reduce its CO2 footprint by over one ton a year when filtered water is introduced into its meeting rooms. Filtered water enables its hotels to reduce their bottled water and waste costs.

The move is part of part of IHG’s ‘Green Engage’ initiative which gives its hotels the means to measure and manage their impact on the environment.

Hotels can choose from over 200 ‘Green Solutions’ that are designed to help them reduce their energy, water and waste, and improve their impact on the environment.

EcoPure Waters’ mains water filtration systems deliver chilled water, still and sparkling, on demand for serving in reusable glass bottles. A wide range of different sized equipment is available to suit the volume of water used by each hotel. To ensure Health and Safety requirements are met, full training is provided for staff when the system is installed.

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