Hotpot chain enters UK market with fully customised kitchen

Happy Lamb Hot Pot Company kitchen

A Chinese hotpot chain has launched its first UK branch complete with a fully customised kitchen set-up.

Happy Lamb Hot Pot Company, which already has international branches in the USA and Canada, is hoping to repeat its success in the UK after setting up in London.

The Mongolian cuisine specialist contracted catering equipment distributor Sprint Group to assist with the roll-out of the Bloomsbury Way branch, including the customisation of core appliances.

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Sprint worked with the chain’s executive chef, Maggie Otto, to advise on equipment specification and design ahead of the installation.

As well as designing and delivering the kitchen, Sprint oversaw the creation of the bar and meat slicing areas.

Sprint needed to ensure the chain could accommodate the large amounts of broth required and commissioned 700mm square stock pots to meet the task.

It also designed specific hot water taps to be installed above the cookline to fill up the stock pots and help top up during the cooking process. In addition, the company made sure the necessary wok cooker was specifically made to meet the requirements of the restaurant.

The project wasn’t without its challenges. The team faced difficulties with the compressors for the coldrooms, which meant it had to install water-cooled coldrooms instead. It also had to contend with strict guidelines regarding delivery times due to the location.

Sales director, Ian Bryant, said: “During this whole process, with this being the first UK restaurant, there were various discussions and changes of design and equipment, all of which we have been able to accommodate. We all feel the final product is outstanding.”

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