Houno offers chains the ability to connect their ovens and spot kitchen ‘bad habits’

Houno Let’s Cook Cloud combi oven

Danish combi oven brand Houno has introduced its new cloud cooking solution to the UK market and insists it will give chefs a complete real-time overview of their oven fleet.

The Let’s Cook Cloud Solution is scalable from individual restaurants to global restaurant chains and is designed to enable  smarter and more efficient workflows in the kitchen.

Let’s Cook facilitates distribution of recipes and software from a chain’s headquarters to each connected oven in their estate. It provides a quick and easy overview of how the entire oven fleet is performing and will notify them before any operational problems arise.

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With Let’s Cook, menu management becomes simple, fast and safe, according to business development manager Vincent Van Delft. “This allows for proactive prevention of any operational issues and eliminates the ovens’ downtime, which we know is of major importance to a restaurant’s earnings,” he said.

The cloud solution allows users to monitor usage and product performance live.

At the same time, they have access to an HAACP library that documents the cooking processes. This information can be used to calculate running costs, giving increased control and a good opportunity to optimise procedures.

Van Delft adds: “We know the right usage pattern minimises both monetary and environmental costs. For example, you can limit unnecessary use of electricity and water by avoiding so called bad habits such as always keeping the oven warm or always using the long cleaning program.”

Let’s Cook is an additional feature to Houno’s Android-powered SmartTouch combi ovens. The Let’s Cook Cloud Solution can be purchased together with new Houno SmartTouch ovens or retrofitted to existing ovens.

There is no limit to the number of ovens that can be connected as many ovens, Van Delft said.

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